library closed by a civil service strike/malibu day

10 Jul


I went to the library this morning to see a sign pasted on the door stating due to the strike there will be no library today. The building itself is open as it houses a cafe and offices for the school next door.

so i have to come back but i passed pimlico station so got the metro free newspaper and there i saw coupons for macdonalds and burgerking.

first time i see these two advertising on the same paper on the same day.

the macdonalds one is more value for money in that u get a big mac plus fries for £1.99, whilst the burgerking offer is £2.99 for their whopper with fries. (added. actually i am not quite comparing like for like.  the big mac is £2.59 normal price, ( according to this site)whilst the whopper is £3.75 normal price. so i guess they are about equal in value price wise. whether they are equal in taste is another matter.)

There is one voucher  from burgerking for 2 doublecheeseburgers for the price of one. they have omitted that offer of two whoppers for the price of one, which they gave in another advert a month ago.

(john, when he visited london a few weeks ago for the naked bike ride, gave me a treat using the voucher, i forgot to tell him to get the whopper, instead he got the doublecheeseburger. its such a long time since i have eaten these things i forgot which is better value for money. each whopper/doublecheeseburger costs £3.75.) i remember i was not impressed with the food then. i wonder whether john mis -ordered… saying cheeseburger (costing £1.99)instead of double cheeseburger. the way you order is so precise that omitting to say double cheeseburger may well land you with a cheaper product. 

anyway in the same newspaper there was a coupon for a free malibu pina coladas in selected pubs today from 5pm-midnight.

i might go and use it as there dont seem to be a requirement that u buy anything. it is supposed to be malibu night, but i guess that is just a cooked up promotion by the malibu company.

i wonder how it will affect them if today there are no large numbers of civil servants coming into london as they are on strike. Usually you see them streaming out of the tube station at around this time, but it was strangely quiet. unfortunate for the malibu promotion that it came at the day they go on strike.

Though knowing london there will be lots of other workers. london is so full of people  all those office workers not coming into london to get the metro paper and take up the offer wont produce much of a hole. but it might mean they wont run out of malibu for those who can make it tonight. Of course we all know it is an offer to entice u to go there and then hope u stay and buy a meal.

And why not. people have to eat and they as well go there as eat elsewhere.

‘sensible’ people like me are few and far between and just as well. I am sure the world will be a duller place if it is full of people like me. i am only like this because in my young days i have done all those things and enjoyed them. so there is no need for me to experience them now. that is why i dont go and do it anymore. but you go ahead. i had my kicks and done them, so  far be it for me to tell you not to do it. 

london does get a lot of freebies.

Simon mentioned to me that the suggested proposal for a bridge over the thames at nine elms to dolphin square wont include a cyclist bridge but is for pedestrians only.

that surprised me because i did read of it, but assumed it will include a cyclist path to relieve the congestion over vauxhall bridge.

but today in the metro i see they are planning to enlarge the cyclist lane over vauxhall bridge so it looks like the pedestrian bridge proposal  is just a fishing expedition by london to ask for private bids to build it and hoping there will be tenders from the two big developers , the battersea power station bunch and the usa embassy bunch of developers who might want a connection with the north side as that is chelsea and is posher . I doubt they will bite. it seems to me quite pointless and will definitely spoil the river views from all those expensive flats.

i got an email from london authorities asking me to comment on the proposed bike lanes over vauxhall bridge. that will most probably go ahead. they will enlarge the existing bike lane and make it a two lane one and build a curb to separate it from traffic. the present one is so narrow it is not really a bike lane at all. 


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