i am on the bus and blogging

16 Jul


I have read that central london is wired with free wifi , but this is the first time i am finding out that it is true.

I am on the bus 24, on the top deck and going through trafalgar square, and now approaching tottenham court road, and my chromebook has got onto  the free ‘wifi-here’ (that’s the name)  and after a few details , like asking me for my mobile phone number so they can send me a code, and to fill out some details of myself, i suppose so no one is anonymous and can be contacted , (they did say they will be sending me adverts to my mobile ) , i got online. rather nice, dont you think?

interesting, when i hit to send, it could not do so, saying an error occurred and to refresh. and i see there is no signal. the bus is right under the centre point tower so that might explain no signal. it looks like the free wifi is not north of tottenham crt road.

Added 2.33pm. I am now at trafalgar square, sitting on the steps of st martin in the fields church, and i found that what i have to click on is ’02wifi’, it seems it is in quite a lot of cafes, coffee houses, and i think i may be using one from one of the eating places around here. maybe it is broadcast by the cafe in the church, or pret nearby.

I was in soho square earlier, and there was no wifi there that i could get. there were lots of office workers sitting on the grass in soho square, eating their lunch.

there was one guy there in shorts and shirtless and barefoot, who looks like he is a traveller, very bronzed and tanned with short cropped hair. his space being encroached on by the lunching workers and him unable to lie down with outstretched bare feet on the grass.  

oh, a chinese guy just walked by with bright blue hair. !!

anyway let me post this and see if it will do so. i suspect it will as there is a signal.

added. it was bright sunshine in trafalgar square, though i was in the shade cast by the porch of the church. at first i could not see images on the screen on my chromebook but i brightened it, and it got legible. it is the first time i used it outdoors and it is perfectly comfortable to work on the screen. 

3 Responses to “i am on the bus and blogging”

  1. Lottie Nevin Wednesday July 16, 2014 at 7:40 pm #

    Wow, that’s cool getting free wi-fi on the bus, Your new chrome book sounds a treat. I’m happy that all is going well for you. I know that bus route you describe, very well. it’s fun to hear your London stories, they bring back many memories for me.

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday July 16, 2014 at 8:39 pm #

      i would love to read of your memories of london. i love my chromebook, i highly recommend it.

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