swimming in my local swimming pool

20 Jul


I went swimming this morning. it is a short walk from my flat, and there were not many people there because i was there quite early at about 10am, early for a sunday.

I have the whole of the slow lane to myself.  when i left it was getting more crowded. it is always very easy to swim in my local pool.

now that they have made the lockers take £1 coins, i think it makes them more secure, because i have not have anything stolen from them.

i hope so, because nowadays i bring my chromebook with me, as i usually go to the swimming pool after i go to the library… i wuld not like it at all if someone broke into the lockers and steal my chromebook. I make sure i chose the lockers in the area that everyone has to pass by, just in case there is a thief about, they might not target those lockers that everyone passes by constantly.

there are no ctv cameras in changing rooms so it is difficult to catch any thief. 

so if there is a thief that thief can operate without any fear of being caught. it just takes one thief to make everyone’s life a misery. so if u catch one in action, haul them to the desk and insist on the police being called. you will be doing everyone a great favour.

 in the past this was not so, and i had things stolen when someone had picked the lock. in the past it took 20p coins. they are all returnable, but now if u forget to take them back, u lose £1. haha. or if u get these coins, u gain an extra £1. quite a lot of money to lose, or to find. 

but i read this account of how people have to queue in new delhi just to get to apply for the membership to use the swimming pool and i realised again how fortunate i live in london. There are so many things i take for granted in london that people find it a luxury in so called developing countries.

makes us who live in london quite complacent and it takes this article to make us realise how very nice it is to live here. 


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