living in london pt 20

14 Aug

london 2014 thursday

Digital StillCamera   Digital StillCamera   

this is the predator used by the housing estate where i live to drive away the seagulls that every year make their nests in the chimney of the block of flats opposite mine.

the keeper had let it loose today, normally he ties it to his hand. it must be quite tame as it flew back to him shortly after I took the pics.

 there were no seagulls about today. i have seen them on another day, swooping and making shrill cries and dive bombing  the keeper when he had the hawk or falcon in his arm.

but today, there were no seagulls about. not sure if the seagulls have finished raising their young and they have all flown off or whether the hawk had really frightened away the seagulls. if u ask me it is the seagulls’ young have grown up and  have flown the nest and so the lot of them have gone elsewhere.

nothing to do with the hawk.

i dont suppose the law allows them to shoot the seagulls. haha.

ah well, i guess we really have to live and let live and allow the seagulls their nesting site. but it does make for a lot of expenses cleaning up the chimneys every few years. luckily they have not used the chimney on my block of flats but the one opposite.  

I had heard of the sun newspaper having a £5 off voucher for morrison if u buy £10 worth of fresh meat or fish. well today i got a copy of the sun and found this voucher inside, so i shall be using it to buy pork. the sun sells for 30p weekdays, so it is quite a good bargain. the offer lasts today till sunday.

hope morrisons still sell shoulder pork at £2.99 a kg. to get it at half price will be  rather  nice. and i have eaten all my pork in the freezer too and it is time to stock up.

Added 4.07pm . i just got back from the trip to morrisons. they have shoulder pork @ £2.49/kg; a price i have not seen for quite a long time. so i bought 3packs about 1.2kg each but  it still did not add up to £10, so i got a small braised steak at £2.08 which brought the total to £10.71. after the discount it all came to £5.71. 

Added. 10.20pm the braised steak was 260mg (£8/kg) and very delicious. once in a while i get to eat steak like now and it always reminds me how lovelym flavorful and delicious steak tastes. i think i would rank eating steak as one of the simple pleasures that makes life worth living. 

2 Responses to “living in london pt 20”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday August 15, 2014 at 1:18 am #

    We have crows too in my little red dot. Loads of them nestling on the angsana trees where we believe in a green lung concept. Those black buggers caw and poop all over cars! Grr…so what the government does is tender the task of culling these crows by the Gun Club. So, voila free practice for shooting and we get rid of these black ominous crow caws! 😀

  2. alifesgayventure Friday August 15, 2014 at 8:41 am #

    hi, i am surprised singapore allows the crows to be shot with guns. but i guess the locals must approve it too. i take it u approve of it too. it throws up for me how different the east views life as opposed to the west viewpoint.
    here, we have pigeons, and to control the pigeons, they give them anti-fertility food. at least that is what i think happens, as no way will they ever agree to shooting them. perhaps they trap them but i have never seen anyone using nets and take them away. maybe they do them in the early morning when few people are about to see it.
    in the past trafalgar square used to be full of pigeons, but they have stopped vendors selling bird food for the tourists to feed them, and forbid any feeding of the birds. and there are fewer pigeons now. in fact i dont see the familiar sight of huge flocks that now and then would suddenly erupt and take a few turns wheeling above the square.

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