sunday stroll

24 Aug


it is a bright sunny day outside my window, the sun streaming in and casting a bright spot on my carpet formed by my window.

Digital StillCamera  

i am pleased that the sun is out, because we have been getting dire warnings of rain and gloom over this bank holiday. however, from the weather forecast online i see we are going to get 100% rain on monday. first time i see the graph going up to 100% .haha. it will be about 3pm tomorrow, with a solid block of over 50% chance of rain from 5am to 11pm on monday. 

so it looks like the bank holiday monday is very wet and that is not favourable  for the nottinghill carnival. but i think people will overcome that and enjoy the rain as well and dance all the faster and harder.

we londoners are used to bad weather and know not to let it dampen our spirits. today is going to be sunny and dry though so the children’s parade which is on today would be very much fun i think. i think all this just makes me very appreciative of the sun, but because it does not stay long to make itself unwelcome, as it would be if it were to go up to 30C or more, i welcome the rain too. 

today i am minded to go to aldi and buy vegetables. they got a good bargain with 39p each. 

later 1.51pm. i just got back from aldi (where i got 1kg carrots and broccoli for 39p each, cabbage 45p) and lidl (where i got 39p onions). aldi was very busy with long queues and people buying cartloads of things.

one guy even wanted to buy a cartload of salt, but the cashier refused him and he left empty handed. I only noticed it because i see her wheeling his trolley full of big packs of salt back to the back of the line.

i wonder what is that about? are people buying from aldi and reselling it overseas? or is salt a secret ingredient in some drug or what? you can tell there are a lot of unknown unknowns in this world. 

well as usual, google it so i did. and from the question ‘is salt used in making drugs’, i got this. it is used in making methamphetamine. 

its interesting that lidl was quite empty with only two tills open and very short queues. 

parliament square was full of tourists. i have never seen so many. what is going on there i wonder. the whole of whitehall was closed to traffic earlier on in the morning (at about 11am) with my bus diverted. but traffic was flowing and it had all got to normal on my  return (about 12.40pm).

again, what is going on? today is a bank holiday sunday but i dont recall anything going on in trafalgar square to warrant the closure of whitehall to traffic. ah well, london is like that, i think us bus users are used to buses being diverted on the routes. we just sit it out or jump out and walk. 

its quite a nice day, very sunny earlier on, but now cloudy but still dry. 

i am going to have a bit of lunch, not sure what i shall have, perhaps a stir fry fried rice with all the veg i bought. then off to the library, and then to the tesco and sainsburys near closing time to see if there is any bargains reduced foods. 

added 4.15pm. bought two loaves of bread from sainsburys, one a warburton white bread (£1.45 normal reduced 34p) , and a half and half warburton 50%wheatflour, 50%wholewheat flour. usual price £1.35, reduced to 34p. i have noticed this kind of half-half bread being produced now. is it a cost reduction exercise do you think? or is it to satisfy people who like the taste of white bread but feel they should be healthier and eat wholewheat bread. 


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