a sunday day

7 Sep


I am sitting in the public gardens outside a caffe nero on the tottenham court road. i am using the cafe’s free cloud wifi. rather nice of them to let it be used by anyone not only their customers. though i expect i will get advertising from them seeing i have to register with my details.

 i had a nice free coffee from the waitrose nearby to accompany the moon cake i got free in chinatown.

incidentally this branch of waitrose has really nice croissants. nice and puffy unlike the one that has newly opened in pimlico, opposite the tescos where the croissants look so small and collapsed that once when i went there to buy it i changed my mind when i saw them.

but i would come all the way here for them if ever i get the urge to have one with my free coffee. I was too full today.

Chinatown was celebrating the mooncake festival today and a stall there was asking the chinese people to sign up for activities. one of these activities  i saw was a free health walk in canterbury later this month.

 i thought that would be nice to go to… it is a free coach trip there , a free lunch and then a walk accompanied by a guide. when i signed up i did not know they include a free lunch as well. i was thinking of just taking along my own lunch and drink;  

and anyone who signs up gets a mooncake so that is how i got this mooncake i am eating now. getting free things is a great plus for happiness. sitting across me is the space where caffe nero customers were sitting. there were quite alot of them. none of them were using their laptops. i wonder why? one of them was on his phone. some were reading. 

i haven’t eaten one for some time and this one got 2 egg yolks. i am reminded how nice egg yolks are in moon cakes. it was very difficult to eat all of the cake. it is so ‘rich’. i am saving it for later. eaten over several days is the best way to eat it.

there was a book came out talking about happiness and the review of it says the author suggests that one of the ways of being happy is to do new things. but from my experience with this moon cake, i wonder if happiness is rediscovering how nice something is that u used to do ages ago and have forgotten. it need not always have to be a new thing.

 i guess i shall read the book if i see it in the library. i wonder whether he mentioned the large role health plays in happiness. if u have bad health it can impact big time on your happiness. 

3 Responses to “a sunday day”

  1. brushes and papers Monday September 8, 2014 at 11:14 am #

    I agree with you that happiness is to redicover something we used to taste, have, experience etc. 😄 Glad that mooncakes only sold once a year or I might gain so much weight because of it.

    • alifesgayventure Monday September 8, 2014 at 11:22 am #

      it is amazing to me how easily i forget those things that i like. i can understand forgetting things i dont like… but forgetting even things i like!!!? i wonder if it is a way the brain works so that it feels like it is a new thing, when u rediscover it again, and again… when you have not done something for a long time …with time erasing all memories of it.
      i too am glad mooncakes comes once a year, in fact this one mooncake i got will be enough for the year for me. haha.it is really very sweet and i think i like the yolks in it because they are salty and that breaks up the cloying sweetness of the rest of it.


  1. alifesgayventure - Monday September 8, 2014

    […] that there is a hidden catch in any free proposition. But yesterday, i had signed up to go to a outing to cambridge and there is a lunch included and as far as i can see the whole thing is free. if […]

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