free lunch

8 Sep


We have all heard of the expression , ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ meaning that there is a hidden catch in any free proposition.

But yesterday, i had signed up to go to a outing to canterbury  and there is a lunch included and as far as i can see the whole thing is free. if there is a catch it is not apparent. but perhaps i should wait till that day is over so i can get what the catch is, if any.

in these days of advertising, you could get a free meal and there are no obligations. so i think there are still free lunches that have no hidden catches in this world.  

that lunch is obviously not free for whoever pays for it, but if it is not you, than as far as you are concerned it is a free lunch.

I am looking forward to it, the whole thing, not just the lunch, as it will get me out and about and maybe meet new people.

I am here in this library surrounded by books but i have a confession … i am finding it rather boring to read books that are here.

there are a lot of new books being displayed but i find i just could not get up much enthusiasm for the plot enough to borrow them. i know one must not judge a book by its cover, or by the little blurb on the book jacket, but i can get a inkling of what the subject matter is about, or reading a few pages at random can tell me and i find the plot is mundane to me or too uninteresting to me.

there are lots of campaigns to get people to read, but if the subject matter is not interesting to that person i dont think they will read it.

i find as a reader i am very callous with writers. i pick up a book and read it and may find it interesting, but once i finished it, it is like ‘very nice… next!’  or i might not finish it and say ‘rubbish this… next!’

i dont think of the time and effort by the author to write that book. is it because i did not buy those books with my hard earned money?  like what people say… if it does not cost u something, you wont appreciate it… true or not?

or is it because it is a boring book and i would not have bothered to read it in the first place if it were not free.

or maybe the whole system should be stood on it head and you pay only if after reading it you judge it good and then u pay. you dont pay if you judged it no good. though knowing human beings everyone will say it is no good, even if it is, just to get out of paying it.

 it is one of the unique qualities of books that after reading it, you dont really want to keep the book. there is no reason to keep it. it is the real throw -away culture when it comes to books. if u do want to keep books it is more a collective mania that prompts it. i know plenty of people who buy books just to keep them and they dont read the books. i myself was guilty of it. i have stopped doing it now. 


2 Responses to “free lunch”

  1. Sarah M Monday September 8, 2014 at 12:36 pm #

    people think they should have shelves and shelves of books to make their visitors think they are clever maybe. No I hate the clutter. That’s why I love the whole ebook thing.

  2. alifesgayventure Monday September 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm #

    i used to think real books may outlast ebooks, but i think the writing is on the wall. even i am coming round to ebooks. i like books for the physical feel and smell of them but somehow they dont feel nor smell as good nowadays. haha. maybe i am just getting old. i have bookbub emailing me ebooks, and always one or two are free and i cannot resist downloading them. now i got a load of free ebooks that i have to find time to read. i have to ban myself from downloading anymore, (unless i cant resist the temptation!!)

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