27 Sep


its a pleasant life i lead. this morning i went to the library to read the saturday papers. there dont seem to be so many eastern europeans in the library this morning. i wonder what happened to them. do you think they are all on holiday back to poland? or is the govt’s efforts to get them to go back bearing fruit. haha. they hang around here because they can charge their mobiles/smartphones. nowadays even the poorest beggar has a smartphone. its no wonder so many want to smuggle themselves into uk.

there is an article in today’s paper … the uk to continue to pay benefits to czecks and slovaks  who argues that those  citizens have paid their national insurance and so are entitled to benefits even though they are in a different country.

if the uk is forced to pay out, it would mean the uk govt will have to bring in laws to change that and it will affect the brits living in uk. what it might mean is more of the locals here who are british born and bred will find more restrictions placed on how and when they can receive benefits. the poor here will be the ones who will bear the brunt of these eastern europeans coming here for the govt will realise that the conditions for benefits are too lenient. and they will tighten the conditions to get them, and ordinary british poor people will be the ones affected as they will find it harder and harder to get or maintain those benefits. well, blame those immigrants. or rather reform of the benefits system is long overdue and this immigrant influx taking advantage of it merely highlights its excesses and form a catalyst to have it changed. 

As you can see, i am going to argue that it is high time the lenient way the benefits system is implemented is curtailed.

it is the same arguement that will be applied to the illegal entry of people, nevermind the poles who are at least legitimate and legal to come in. because so many are trying to get into the uk in the mistaken belief (or maybe not so mistaken after all,it seems) that the benefits system is so good here, the govt will have to enact rules to curtail who can receive them and put a limit to the amount and the time they can get them.

of course the alternate way is to leave the EU.

this problem of countries trying to curb economic migrants from their shores is endemic all over the world.

look at australia’s solution. haha. they bung the boat people in nauru… and then they sign an agreement for cambodia to take them by paying the cambodians.

i dont really have an answer to this as i can sympathise with the refugees who want to find a better life. the trouble is if they leave their country, their country will sink even further down into anarchy and strong man rule. at the same time i am understanding of host countries who do not want welcome these economic refugees.

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