electricity bill july-sept 2014

9 Oct


my quarterly electricity bill has arrived today. it is for the summer months. 290kwh for 88days @.1667p/kwh = £48.35 (vat of 5% included)

3.25kwh per day

.55p a day

I am quite pleased with the amount as it shows my usage is quite low and constant and moving to npower has been a good move. British gas with their standing charge would have increased my bill even if i had kept my usage constant.

i passed the pub, surprise of pimlico , just now and was surprised to see it boarded up. i was so surprised i could not help exclaiming and a elderly woman passing by stopped and told me they had noticed it closed a few weeks ago.she said she suspect it is a property developer who will buy the land and build flats. a building nearby was 6storeys so it is possible to get planning permission for that number of floors.

the pub had opened the two floors above it for a hostel, so i thought they are doing well.

interestingly another pub across the street that had been closed for ages had opened recently. its taken over by moo cantina, an argentinian steak chain of restaurants. this other place is part of a housing estate and so wont be demolished in future. and it has a drinks license which for a restaurant must be quite a crucial requirement.

people have been saying the pub business is failing, but i think there is still life to it if managed well. i think if a pub changes usage it is because its lease has run out or the owners are selling up to property developers. 

added. 2.1.17 sunday 00.22 am . 4.9C rain. that pub, the surprise of pimlico is still shut and boarded up. so it is 3 yrs or more since it shut. 


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