(almost)100yrs since the first world war.

9 Nov


I forgot it is remembrance sunday today.

it was such a nice sunny day i decided to go to the charing cross library, and only realised whitehall is closed when the bus was diverted across lambeth bridge.

the security forces are so strict they have closed all access to parliament square and whitehall up to trafalgar square.

the 88 bus which i was on recrossed at westminster bridge and i could see the crowds of people. it was about 1pm.  

so that area is full of security forces. well it wont look good to have a bomb go off there what with the queen and all being there. i can just imagine the headlines if that happens. so it is inevitable that it would be crawling with security forces. 

outside of those areas, london was going on as usual. most of the people i see outside those areas were not wearing any poppies, so i gather they are tourists or londoners who are not too bothered with all this war remembrances.

its been  almost 100 yrs since the first world war, so only the very old will remember it. certainly a lot of the people in that condoned off area are elderly and many of them would have come from outside london. i think there are not many londoners who can remember that war.

in fact i bet many of those who have come to celebrate this will be those who have lived through the 2nd world war. and i would say with certainty that the rest of us londoners will not  have lived through the 2nd world war at all.

anyone who had been born after the 2nd world war ended in 1945 would be about 70 yrs old now. so 3 generations have lived without a world war happening. it is really the great peace in that sense.

That must be worthy of celebration, but no one have commemorated it. why is that i wonder? what is that day called where they celebrate the end of the 2nd world war? added. found it in google, it is called VE day. but the celebration is very low key.

at first i thought armistice day is the one that celebrate the end of the 2nd world war, but no, it is to celebrate the end of the 1st world war. and this remembrance sunday is the one that celebrates it.

the reason why i know about armistice day is because i will be attending a dinner held to celebrate it by a guy who seem to remember these things. he is german that is why. we were supposed to have an ordinary get together in oct, but it was postponed and he picked  on nov 11 citing it as armitice day and using that excuse to hold it.

i am of the generation which have missed the world war, thank goodness, and i think so has he too, but maybe being german, he is closer to it all, and feels it more than us. after all, the allies have never allowed germany to forget it.

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