no egg mayonnaise

15 Nov


wrote in the last post about no egg eggnog, suggesting that they invent something that tastes and smells of eggnog but have no eggs in it… and this article i read say there is a mayonnaise with no eggs in it and it seems is so good even bill gates is investing in it. it is branded as  just mayo, and it has been sued by unilever, the makers of hellman’s mayo for using the word mayo when it has no eggs in it. i have never heard of this brand before, so allready unilever by bringing in this action is giving free publicity to just mayo and the company (hamilton creek ).

what to call something that is like mayo but have no eggs in it? they might well have to invent such a word. manoaisse? haha. mano for short. implying it is not mayonnaise or it has no egg whilst letting customers know that it is a good mayonnaise substitute.

but it just goes to show that nowadays they can invent something in the lab that is better than the real thing.

we all have tasted and smelt strawberry flavour made with chemicals in drinks that is more like strawberry flavour than real strawberries. i can easily see a time when people would prefer them to the real thing.

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