free wifi is everywhere

3 Dec


this is spoken from  a london perspective of course.

i got an email from wifi02, telling me that there is a £1000 draw for those who log onto the free wifi everyday.

i wonder why they want people to log on to it…ifit is sending me lots of adversts it is not working for them because i dont get any adverts sent to me when i am on.

like now when i am at the kfc in victoria and using the 02wifi.

 there are lots of eating places on this mezzanine floor and no one bothers u if u stay here as there are lots of tables.

and because of the email from 02wifi, i have logged onto them rather than the victoria place wifi.

actually the 02wifi is much faster than the local one. so now that i know of 02wifi, i will use them even if the promotion for december is over. so maybe it is working, this email promotion. haha.

but it also is good for me too to know of it. otherwise i wont know they are here and that they are so fast, faster than the wifi provided by this shopping area. seems like a win-win situation.

i was earlier at the library and their wifi is now on and it is so slow. when it was down the last few days i was using another wifi, and that was faster. but now i see that wifi is gone. so it must have been set up by the library to replace the normal wifi. but their normal wifi provider is so slow it is terrible.

it has to be said that each local library seem to have different speeds. the one in charing cross is quite fast.

but now that i know of 02wifi i shall seek them out and give them preference. i shall send this now but i hope to find an outdoor spot and get a bit of sun as it is such a sunny day today.

1.48pm well i am back home. went looking for an outdoor spot. there are many around here but it was quite cold outside what with a breeze blowing and the sun went behind a cloud, so i just wandered to the local waitrose but the queue for the coffee machine was quite long and the queue to pay was even longer, as itis the peak of the lunch hour, so i decided to go to house of fraser to use their loo. haha. it is very pleasant inside , and i browsed the goods . saw a long plastic mac, made in china costing £10, maybe it is useful, though it is so long, and it packs into quite a large pack.

i had a BP poncho given to me when i went to see the opera broadcast in trafalgar square and that is ideal size but i seem to have lost it as i could not find it anywhere in the flat. ah well, it might turn up one day. haha. in the meanwhile i shall use a virgin marathon jacket that i found in hyde park after kate and william’s wedding. i think that was 2011 or 10. (googled it and it is 11 april 2011).

all the things i use are things i found and they are really very long lasting and so useful. but those days are gone now i think because i have not found anything at all in the last year or so.

oh i should correct myself. there was a woolen hat , like a bobble hat but without the bobble, (found out from google that they are called beanies) on the bus this morning, but i have so many of them that i have found over the years that i dont want to pick up anymore. 

added.6.12.14 i have discovered that not all the 02wifi is fast. for eg when i was posting the above, i was sitting at the kfc but got o2 by cafe rouge. that was very fast. but another day i sat at the macdonald sitting area and got the o2 done by macdonalds and that was very slow. perhaps macdonalds dont want to encourage people sitting there just using wifi. 

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