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4 Dec


here i am sitting in the library writing this.

its quite a grey day out there, which i can see because there are two huge picture windows in this room where the rows of outlet plugs are arrayed on the tables for everyone to plug in their gadgets. according to this weather website it is 5.6C now (11.40am). its colder than last night (8C).

i was out this morning on my way to the library, can’t say it was that cold really. but that is because i am wrapped up warm.

 i did not go out last night so dont know how cold it was really last night to compare with this morning.  it may depand on the wind. but generally the actual temp is no guide to how cold things are. it depands on how warmly u are dressed… that might be the most important factor. 

when i first plugged into the power socket here in the library i did not check to see if the light comes on to show my laptop is charging. it was later that i realised the plugs are not working. so i tried the ones next to it, and they worked.

i am tempted to put a written note on the plugs to say ‘out of order’, just to warn others. but perhaps they are only temporarily out of order and might start to work later.

the wifi here is very slow as usual but since i am taking my time writing this post,  it think i wont post this until i go to victoria station and use the 02wifi there. 

There is an advert in the times from 3 the internet provider, which allows u to put your face in photos and make a calendar month for it. its all very silly but funny in a way.

here is my effort. hilarious and silly but quite a lot of fun.

 there is a metro, a free newspaper that someone had bought in from outside and left here. there is a voucher for macdonalds big mac + fries for £2. it is valid till 14.12.14. these vouchers are a fixture in that paper. anyone can get them so no need to pay the full price.

the normal cost of a big mac is £2.89 (at least it is so in this branch at victoria station).

 so u are getting it cheaper and also getting fries too. i have been tempted to buy but i always think how easy it is and much nicer to make my own and that stops me.

now and then it is nice to have a hamburger. or even a sausage sandwich. which was what i had when simon cooked some last night. it was very salty but maybe because of it it was very tasty. it makes me realise that so much of what people call tasty is due to the salt. no salt and it is a very tasteless meat. last night the salt from the sausages made me so thirsty.

added 12.25pm . i am at the macdonalds in victoria now and it is busy, so i have a theory that the taste for salt is strong in everyone; that is what  makes them eat macdonalds and other fast foods.

i dont think it is bad as such, after all we have seen nature programs where animals will travel miles to the salt licks, so i think salt eaten in moderation is ok; but then what makes people’s downfall is that a lot of people dont know what moderation is. They dont know when to stop.

added. 1.19pm. i left the eating concourse and went to tesco on my way back home; as i wanted to buy some eggs.

at the tesco they have a table laid out with free mince pies. i tasted one and it tasted very good. it is an open pie, in that there is no crust on top and u can see the filling. it was not too sweet that is why i like it… it was so good  i took another one on the way out, and it went very well with the free coffee i got from waitrose. rather nice of them to give us these free samples. 


4 Responses to “my inane ramblings”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday December 5, 2014 at 2:29 am #

    Now that I am in between jobs maybe I should start looking for freebies to stretch my dollars. I appreciate all the tips you give out and I really cannot believe in London, loads of free tastes and goodies 😄 whereas in my little red dot, little of these going around.

    • alifesgayventure Friday December 5, 2014 at 11:07 am #

      i think london gets so much free food is because there is alot of profit opening up new eating places. and to get people to know about it, they are using twitter facebook newsletters and nothing gets more mention and retwits than a free meal. cheaper than paying to advertise in newspapers , tv, magazines etc. there are a lot of people who work in london who dont like to bring their own food to work.
      many tourists here too who cannot cook at their hotel and have to eat out.
      for the homeless, there are a lot of places that give free meals in church halls, etc by charities .
      just this morning i got a free breakfast, given by the local housing estate. they do it annually around this time.

      and there is always the sikh temple and hara krishna that gives free food to any one everyday i think.

      the best are the free lunches given by the businesses to publicise their opening of a new branch. it is a lot of fun to try them but in the end i prefer to cook my own food. it is really very cheap to cook your own and tasty too.

      now u have more free time, you can enjoy your life. i remember u used to be so stressed when u have to go to work. maybe doing parttime is a good plan. though u have so much experience i think you will find a full time job quite soon.

      • Garfield Hug Friday December 5, 2014 at 11:18 am #

        Thank you kindly for spending time to write and share wth me. I am so touched that you feel I have loads of experience and that motivates me. I just need to shore up and have faith in myself😊 yes…I will sightsee Singapore, my own little red dot 😀


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