places i have visited in my life

6 Dec


i saw this blog with a link to a website to build your own map of places you have visited. it seems i have visited 26countries, and i built a map of it. but when i tried to copy it and show it here i could not do it. i wonder how it is done. you can tell i am not a computer savvy guy. ah well, it did make me realise that i have visited quite a lot of the world. maybe that is why i dont fancy globe trotting anymore. 

I know how to copy and paste the link. so here it is my world map of places i visited in my life. some places i have been again and again, thailand being one of them, others i only visited a small portion of it once and briefly at that. haha. i have not included airline stopovers where i did not get out of the airport… like dubai airport … as i think that does not count.

in my young days i want to see things, and go there and fly there. and i was fortunate to be able to have done all those things and seen those places at a time when visitor numbers are way smaller than they are now.

there is no gainsaying it, more visitors means the place is not as nice to visit. you know that old cliche that we hear from old people all the time that the olden days are better.

it is true. the olden days are better. i look back and see that so many things are adulterated, and lessened and travel is one of the experiences that have changed and become less enjoyable now.  

so many being able to  travel which by itself is no bad thing but it means inevitable  leading to  the reduced seat width and space to accommodate them; (just to name one of the many compromises) and the heightened security measures so that there is so much more delays, just to name a few new things that have happened nowadays makes it less enjoyable.

i am just glad i did all my travelling before all these things happen.

to those who are just starting on their travel adventures i am sure they wont notice the difference. and they will look back years from now and tell their children when they did it , it was so much better. haha.

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