Fury at Airbus after it hints the super-jumbo may be mothballed – Business News – Business – The Independent

12 Dec

Fury at Airbus after it hints the super-jumbo may be mothballed – Business News – Business – The Independent.

this one is a bombshell to me, and must be so to emirates. they have a whole fleet of them, and options to buy more so why are there no more orders for the A380?

no other airlines have a demand for 500seater planes? why? are they proving difficult to fill?? is the mass movement of people coming to an end and we have reached the peak? quite possible as terrorism scares (MH17 being shot down over ukraine… )and ebola may put a lot of people off flying for the sake of flying. and does it mean from now on, there will be less people travelling?? so does it mean there is no need to expand heathrow or gatwick?

such a strange outcome this A380, so different from the boeing 747 when it was introduced and triggering a huge expansion of mass air travelling. i thought this A380 will usher in a 2nd wind, lifting mass travel to new heights. 

i think people may have reached the limit of what they would like, being stuck in a airplane with 500 others is not so appealing really when in an emergency crash landing.  

not to mention just waiting for your meal to be served must take a long time. and it must take a long time to embark and disembark, and also the huge crowd to claim baggage, and long queues to get through immigration when two or 3 of these behemoths land close to each other.

we dont hear of these long waiting times but i for one will get fed up of it.

the dailymail has more reasons for the decline in orders.

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