Get your FREE issue of the new magazine on December 18 | TVGuide Blog

12 Dec

Get your FREE issue of the new magazine on December 18 | TVGuide Blog.

london friday2014

this says they will be giving away copies of the tv guide in zones 1-3 in tube and railway stations in london.

i have never seen this magazine being sold, but that is not saying anything much haha. as i dont go looking for it. however, i think it is a new magazine the online tv guide is starting. at least from the way it is reported on that website, which i use often to find out about tv programs as an addition to my printed tv guide which i get with one of the saturday daily papers.  

it is much easier to find what is on tv using the printed tv guide. 

i wonder if it is a weekly occurrance and if comes out every thurs, then the first issue will be on dec 18 thurs,  and because the following thurs is 25th dec when there are no public transport nor shops opened, it wont come out then and so maybe they will give out a bumper issue covering two weeks of holiday viewing on tv.   that would be nice.

it would be doing a reverse gambit, a online web-based thing going to produce a printed magazine; rather than the other way round which is more usual, a printed magazine doing a website. 

for years i have been using the tv guide online here.  and it is all free. so now they are producing a printed version. 

i wonder wont it eat into the business of the other paid for tvguide magazines?

perhaps not. i know my friend john buys one of these magazines, but then he lives in poole where he wont be able to get this free weekly tv guide. so people from all over the rest of the uk will still continue to buy those tv guide magazines.

maybe the whole thing is only applicable to london, because competition is only in the london area … i think this is because the model of giving away free magazines relying on advertising for revenue and it can only work in london.

there are 8million people living in the greater london area. just think of all those people reading your advert. a lot to be said for a big city with lots of people living in it.

it is another reason why it is so nice to live in london. the comments from those who live outside london shows how disappointed they were.

all the newspapers will be publishing the christmas -new year tv guide. that is not new. so much so that they have to do something more to stand out. and in fact i see on tv now an advert for the daily express saying this weekend they have a free calendar as well as the tv guide. the race to get people to read your advert in the most popular magazines is really a very hard fought one.

the calendar sounds attractive to me. i have been using one for so long, it is getting a bit worn and torn. so maybe i might find the calendar lying around somewhere. 

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