Thames water- save money with these freebies

22 Dec

i am reblogging this post by puddlesarefree because it contained a link to thameswater for freebies. i got their shower head, but did not know they have other things as well. i asked for the swivel tap head, (i asked for 2, haha) rather than the water saving devices. at the moment i am not on a meter and so the water devices are not useful. but i shall keep the link in mind by reblogging that post just in case i need them in future.
my thanks to puddlesarefree for telling us of it. that shower head was real useful to me and it was something that thames water told me about in a letter. the others may have been mentioned but at that time i was not interested.
but recently i have to get rid of an old swivel tap i had in the kitchen tap , so am right in need of another. the water engineer who came to test my water says the old swivel head may be harbouring germs. in the end, i am still to this day not sure if it is the problem or not. i wonder what are the risks of germs in the swivel tap over the years??? by rights there should not be any way the germs can stick in the swivel tap.

added. 31.12.14. the swivel tap heads have arrived by post. sorry to say they are not what i expected. they are for the combined tap head, not for a single tap which is what mine is. the combined tap head brings together the hot and cold taps into one channel. even so , they dont look like the old swivel tap head that i had. ah well, nevermind. as in most things in life, it is desireable but not essential. 

puddles are free

These freebies were flagged up to me by my parter when he came back from work telling me he couldn’t be leave thames water were giving stuff away for free and it saves you money too. When the pack of stuff came I my self was pretty impressed he had managed to get all this for free, we have a new shower head, kitchen swivel tap, tap inserts, save a flush and shower inserts, I expected it to be a bit cheep looking but no, it’s all good quality and best of all it doesn’t cost a penny. My favourite is defiantly the kitchen swivel tap 🙂

Check out the link for more info and to order yours,

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