electricity bill 1oct2014- 6jan2015

10 Jan


Today the postman came with my npower electricity bill.

i know this is trite, haha. but i like trite. it is the small little things like this that gives me a flavour of what a person’s life is like. so i do this for it gives me a flavour of what my life is like for me to look back on years from now, if i live that long. haha.

you may well ask who cares what my electricity bill is, and rightly so too. but this blog is for me to look back on what i did or felt even if it is the most mundane thing ever. also it enables me to keep a record that is easily accessible to me as to what my utility bill is like and to monitor my usage. 

my npower bill 1stoct2014-6jan2015.  it is effectively the autumn quarter oct-dec.2014

kwh used over 98days  324

@15.880p /kwh  = £51.45

VAT @5% = £2.57

total  = £54.02

0.55p per day

3.306 kwh per day

added.john wrote to give me his costs, when i asked him. 

he wrote ‘Records do show I spent £91 for the quarter July – Nov in elec and £19 in gas’. unfortunately he did not give me the details. i would have loved to see the details.

later he wrote that the £19 for gas was because of the standard charge, as he used very little gas. that would explain it, as that bill was for the summer months, and by rights the gas bill should be near zero. this is why i object to a standard charge… you pay for gas even when during the summer your gas central heating may be switched off. 

There was a govt electricity rebate of £12 (govt electricity rebate) taken off the previous bill. that would explain why a lower amount was taken from my direct debit last quarter.

from my own experience, it is clear to me that utility bills can be very low.

all those people who say their bills are high are using up more power to heat up their homes, which dont need it.

recently i read a couple in costa rica i think who said they need the cold weather payments that pensioners in uk gets because they have to prevent condensation water streaming down their walls by keeping the rooms heated. u can see what a fallacy it is. all they have to do to prevent condensation is to open the windows a bit. but because they are afraid of the cold, ( how cold can it be in costa rica for goodness’ sake), they keep the windows tight shut, and so condensation from their own perspiration makes the walls stream.

a lot of life is doing what appears to be contradictory… opening the windows a notch so there is some ventilation, can prevent condensaton.

but who would have thought that, isn’t it? it sounds so illogical.

they would argue we are cold allready and u want us to open the windows? are u mad???

as for feeling cold just wear more layered warm clothing. it has even been studied that cold can make u lose weight as it makes your body metabolise more to generate the heat.

range of temp in costa rica is 28C – 22C.

They were featured because they will lose the winter fuel allowance given to all pensioners abroad, but that is going to stop from this year. (for those whose country have winter temp above the south england average 5.6C)

Previously, people were only eligible for the winter fuel payment if they moved abroad after the age of 60. But a ruling by the European Court of Justice, insisted that any eligible expat should receive the payment, whenever they left Britain.  The judgement meant that costs to the British taxpayer nearly doubled. link and another one  daily mail link

that explains why the govt is stopping it from this year 2015 for all those who retired abroad if their average winter temp in the country they are in is above 5.6C, southern england’s average winter temp.

 it is £200 for those between 60 –80yrs , after that it is £300. only one household can get it.

i think this means if there are two over 60s in that house/flat, it means one gets £200 , the other gets £100.

i think the max payment is £300 a year for a household.

it is not income related, so a millionaire over 60yrs old can get it.  like i said, this country really treats its over 60s really really well.

10 Responses to “electricity bill 1oct2014- 6jan2015”

  1. Lottie Nevin Saturday January 10, 2015 at 5:15 pm #

    Good for you, keeping your electric bill so low!

    • alifesgayventure Saturday January 10, 2015 at 5:20 pm #

      hi lottie, nice to hear from you. i seem to like hearing about other people’s electricity bill too. weird or what. haha. john, my friend who lives in poole, sometimes tells me of his bill , but he wont tell me the details, like how much kwh he uses etc, and i so want to know more. i can only say i am weird.

  2. Sarah M Sunday January 11, 2015 at 8:11 am #

    There’s few things in life I hate more than being cold. It reminds me of my childhood where I was told to ‘run around’ to keep warm. Or the first year I spent in China where there was no heating, the water was only lukewarm and I couldn’t even go out and buy a warm sweater because nothing fitted me.
    The fuel bills here are so confusing; it’s hard to work out what you are spending. The cheapest way to do it was to make a fixed payment every month so I did that, but now I have no idea what I’ve paid and how much I owe. They still haven’t refunded me money from my last address, and I left there in June. I find dealing with this kind of crap really tiring.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday January 11, 2015 at 8:30 am #

      hi sarah, wow, how nice to chat about the utility bills, i love to get into it. i have often heard about that problem u mentioned. about how people cannot understand their bills. if u are with british gas, i can understand it, because they make their calculation of the bill very complicated. npower, is much simpler.
      it is not the cheapest way to pay with a fixed payment. that is a mistaken idea that the company use to entice u to change to them. if u dont give them your readings, monthly if u pay monthly, or quarterly if u are billed quarterly, they estimate your usage, then give u a low fixed monthly direct debit, which makes u happy because it is invariably less than what u pay before, or sounds cheap. but once they come to read the meter, and it is out of sync with what they estimate, u will be in for a surprise. usually a nasty one because it will be way over their estimate.
      you must send them your meter reading now, if u had not done so, and do so every month from now on; and that is so easy to do i dont know why people dont do it. just call their free landline, there should be one on the bill, it starts with an 0800 and never mind if it is a helpline, and does not specify it is a meter reading line. just tell whoever is there that u want to give them your meter readings.
      if u have not done so, send them the meter reading at the old address too; remember to give them the ref number from the bill of that address, which i hope u have got.
      i hope you have got new meters, they are easier to read, my electricity meter has the old system, and take a bit of skill to read. even some official meter readers sent by BG, when i was with them, make mistakes and i have to correct them. they can be out by 100 kwh, it is that easy to mis read the meter. oh, i just have a thought, maybe it is so difficult to read that is why people dont send their meter readings to the company and have to wait for a meter reader to come. that will explain why i hear of so many newspaper reports of people suddenly getting huge rise in their bills after years of estimated bills.

      • Sarah M Sunday January 11, 2015 at 8:44 am #

        No I send readings and they say ‘oh we can’t accept this because it’s not verified’. Once I sent them a photo of the meter. This is a company called isupplyelectric; they are supposed to be cheaper because they just deal with emails and don’t send out paper bills, but really it means you have nobody to moan at when they get it wrong.

  3. alifesgayventure Sunday January 11, 2015 at 9:06 am #

    i looked up isupplyelectricity on google and got their website.
    i read this on their website
    isupplyenergy’s charges £416 a year for a medium electricity user. This is just above the current market leader Npower that charges £412.48 a year (on its Electricity Online November 2013 tariff).
    they never give their per kwh charges. always talk about average usage but everyone have different usage. npower at least tells me what they charge per kwh. that makes comparisons so much easier as i dont have to rely on their word for it. they are the only ones that give their charges per kwh.
    most statistics say the average user is £1200 a year which is for both gas and electricity; ( it implies that gas cost £800 a year. that is a sure lot of heating)so that quote above is for electricity only and not mentioning that people use gas for their heating so that quote is not really applicable to everyone.
    isupplyelectricity only have electricity charges.
    but the biggest no,no is that they dont have telephone
    ‘Users who like to pick up the telephone to resolve problems may be disappointed though, as the company does not have a customer services line, dealing with queries online.’
    it looks like u will just have to wait for their meter reader to call, and hope u are in… which might be some time as they are a small operator. u might like to insist they send a meter reader to verify your reading.
    if u know their cost per kwh, u can calculate the amount u owe.if, as i suspect u have the heating on a lot better plan for extra cost. or u could look at it as u getting the heat now and not having to pay the full cost until much later when they come round to read your meter, so u are getting some months of free credit as it were. looked at in that way, u are on a win… some times in life one have to twist the way we look at things depanding on whether we come out optimist or pessimist.
    on the other hand, it might be you use gas for heating, in which case your electricity bill wont be much and u dont have any excess charges even when they finally come to read your meter.

  4. Garfield Hug Sunday January 11, 2015 at 2:26 pm #

    You are great at keeping you elecrity bill low. Mine is a whopping $120! For me myself & I. I have to keep air con on at night to sleep. This was a nice share! Thanks! Great at UK treat 60 years old and above well!

    • alifesgayventure Sunday January 11, 2015 at 3:32 pm #

      i think it is harder to keep cool without some kind of airconditioning or fan whilst from what i experience in london, it is easy to keep warm without heating just with warm clothes, or walking, or eating hot meals. i am glad we dont live in a place which is so hot in summer and so cold in winter that people have to use electricity to heat and cool their place all year round. i think i would leave that place and go elsewhere. but somehow or rather, by luck or is it my soul wants it, i end up in london which i find now is really ideal temperature all year round.

      • Garfield Hug Sunday January 11, 2015 at 3:48 pm #

        You are indeed lucky!! 🙂


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