Nicole Allisson♥ Nightmare in Paris- I went to Jail (Part II)

11 Jan

Nicole Allisson♥ Nightmare in Paris- I went to Jail (Part II).

i got this from the facebook page of one of my cousins.

it looks like malaysians are suspects now because it is a islamic country. the french are now so jittery anyone from a vaguely muslim country will get a jittery reception if u give them the slightest suspicion.

it looks like malaysians now have to get a letter of invitation to visit france if u have a relative there. and if u dont have a relative there then u have to have a hotel reservation and enough money (60euros a day it seems) and medical insurance. things are made more difficult because so many malaysians dont speak french.

it seems to me that from what is required, it might be better to just give the name of a hotel and make a reservation with that hotel rather than bother to go through all that hassle with the letter of invitation which has to be signed by the mayor of the town that your host is staying.  and what about those who are using bnb, someone’s home but who are strangers to you. they might not want to go to all that trouble to get a letter of invitation from their mayor esp when u are strangers to each other. i guess best is just avoid going to france. that way all these become irrelevant.

i think once people realise that customs will tighten the requirements for entry to france, people might just avoid france altogether.

i have no intentions of going abroad, but i think this just makes me real glad i dont want to go abroad again. and definitely not france.

can’t blame the french customs for strictly implementing the requirements now, when before they were very lenient about it. i wonder if these strict requirements apply to all muslim countries. or even to all non EU countries.

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