London bus strike 2015: millions face travel chaos as drivers walk-out in on-going pay row – London – News – London Evening Standard

12 Jan

London bus strike 2015: millions face travel chaos as drivers walk-out in on-going pay row – London – News – London Evening Standard.

latest update 13.1.15 seems the strike is not widespread. this morning i was able to get the usual C10 to the library. and it was running as usual. 30% of buses are running, and 5 bus depots are not joining the strike. this link tells which ones are running. it lists my C10 might be affected but in reality it is not obvious. there might be buses bunching up, but that is all. 

there is disparity of pay of bus drivers between different bus companies in london. so the union has called for a strike tomorrow. what, i wonder, of the bus drivers of the company that pays them the highest. why would they go on strike because wont they end up having their pay reduced to the average pay? or did they think every bus driver will have their pay raised to theirs?

if there is collective bargaining, then the pay chosen will be the mean or average pay of all the drivers, and that means the lowest paid will have a raise , but the highest paid will have a pay cut. or in this world of ours,do  people expect all the drivers to be paid equal to the highest paid drivers? that dont seem realistic.

some routes are longer than others, so would some drivers say since we have to drive the longest we should get paid more. so pay us by productivity, according to how many miles we have to drive. or maybe they are allready paid by hours worked. in which case they will make the hourly rate the same for every driver. then theyget paid according to how many hours they work. so no more overtime then? because some of then put in their 2cents worth and say working weekends and public holidays should be paid more… where will it end? haha. oh, another lot might say what about night shift , that deserve to be paid more. i can see it will be a huge kettle of fish trying to sort it all out and make everyone feel they have got more out of it.

it might be the bus drivers union think they can copy the tactics of the tube drivers unions which were very successful, but there is no olympics going on to blackmail the authorities with this year , just many bus companies to do separate deals with. 

oh another thing, a double decker bus driver might say i deserve to be paid  more than one of those drivers driving those small dinky buses that scuttle around in the back streets of housing estates ( my C10 bus!!). haha.

added.1.2.15. more strikes to be called on 5, 13th, 16th feb. this comment made by someone may give us the underlying reason why unite is so keen on bringing in a collective pay.

As far as Unite are concerned, what they really want is to control all pay negotiations so that they can work with the RMT to bring London transport to a total halt in attempts to drive up pay



3 Responses to “London bus strike 2015: millions face travel chaos as drivers walk-out in on-going pay row – London – News – London Evening Standard”

  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday January 13, 2015 at 1:50 pm #

    All I can think of is the havoc of bus strikes

  2. Garfield Hug Tuesday January 13, 2015 at 1:52 pm #

    Thankfully in my little red dot, strikes are not allowed. We learnt from history on Hock Lee Bus riots. So this must and cannot ever happen. Our govt has been good in ensuring this thankfully 🙂

  3. alifesgayventure Tuesday January 13, 2015 at 2:38 pm #

    i think generally we support strikes, but only if it is democratic, as it is this strike is a minority 16% voted yes of a minority (1 in 5 of the drivers bothered to vote). this is not democratic at all. and then there is the demand. equal rates of pay for all drivers. it is so ridiculous that it is laughable. what! same pay for a driver who just passed on a small bus, as for a long time driver of a double decker?get real!! i am sure the present system of graded pay according to experience and skill and unsocial hours must apply and be adequate.
    this strike will just inconvenience the bus passengers, and do nothing for their cause. so far i dont see any disruption, to services. many bus companies ply the same route, so if one is on strike the other takes the slack. also the tubes are running, so the bulk of the commuters are not affected at all. and they allow bus pass holders to travel on the tubes free.

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