war of the sexes

15 Jan

london thurs 2015

a new party seeking election to parliament. i did not know there was one like this, until i read the passnotes in the guardian. j4mb for justice for men and boys.

i am neutral on this, as being gay i dont really bother with all the grouse that straight men and straight women always blame on each other; this war of the sexes, males and females have been at each others throats have been going on throughout history… in the past men have won, but now i think women are winning

their articles about why women lie about being rape is very interesting. that they lie is obvious even to me who dont know much about women. and come to think of it, why should we be surprised… women are human beings too and we human beings lie and believe our lies too and refuse to believe we are lying as a result. that is just very human. it is the human condition. 

feminists and those who defend women do not do themselves any good by refusing to acknowledge that some of their sisters are bad and by not acknowledging it they do a disservice to the genuine cases. 

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