Sunday Supermarket

19 Jan

i did not realise until reading this blog that germany also do not open on sunday. i lamented that france and spain has their siesta hours and sunday closing, but germany too!! it is europe wide, i wonder why? are they all christian countries that are so religious that they do not want to upset the sunday rest edict? or are their unions so strong that they can prevent workers from working on sundays, or enforce very high overtime pay and the supermarkets just dont want to pay those rates. but whatever, it is a pain, and i am glad uk is not infected with it. and then not to accept credit cards!!! it looks like they are there for their own convenience and that customers are  those horrible little people to be tolerated. haha. another reason to be living in the uk.

Pluto Calling

Supermarkets aren’t open in Berlin on Sundays. At least, ninety-nine percent aren’t. It’s as if the whole city decides to honour the traditional day of rest and inexplicably shuts down. Except for nightclubs, which don’t seem to close anytime between Friday evening and Monday morning. If I could just order milk and a loaf of bread with my next drink then life would be a lot easier.

I recently found myself at one of the few supermarkets open on a Sunday. Regrettably, it seemed like half the population of Berlin had also googled ‘Supermarket actually open’, because I was not alone.

After wading through a sea of human bodies, I managed to locate some last-minute dinner ingredients and made my way to checkouts. I quickly realised, however, that the queue began at the back of the store. So I trudged back the way I’d come and settled into a tortured position next to frozen…

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2 Responses to “Sunday Supermarket”

  1. pleisbilongtumi Tuesday January 20, 2015 at 5:16 pm #

    In my country all supermarkets are open throughout the week but museum and recreational places.

  2. alifesgayventure Tuesday January 20, 2015 at 6:05 pm #

    it is the same in malaysia. supermarkets are supposed to charge more but they provide a near 24hrs service. that is their big selling point.
    it is really strange that europe have such inconvenient opening hours for their supermarkets. i can only explain it by the govt wanting to protect jobs in the local markets,for eg, local butchers, fishmongers, bakers etc.
    in uk, they allow competition so allow the supermarkets to open all hours. and that destroyed the local markets, butcher etc.
    but because they also allow discount supermarkets like lidl , aldi to set up business to compete. for years the public shun lidl and aldi, but now they are realising they are good value, and so now the big supermarkets are losing money to them. i think it is good thing because the consumer gains.
    the limited opening times in europe is one of 2 big reasons i dont like living there and prefer to live in uk. the other is the language. i think if u dont speak the local language 9 times out of 10,u will be overcharged. that is to be expected. but also life is really difficult if u dont speak the local language in europe. in malaysia and singapore you can live well just knowing english. not sure if that applies to indonesia, maybe not, because i think not everyone doing business in indonesia know english. am i right or wrong?

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