not that cold really

20 Jan

london 2015 tuesday

i think the papers and people like the idea of the coldest winter , because then we can shiver in delight and marvel and congratulate us on overcoming it when we find it is not that cold after all. haha. i know that in london it never gets really cold. and by that i mean -10C continuously. we have headlines saying uk is colder than moscow, just because some mountain in scotland got -10C in the early morning. that is not cold. cold is having it -10C allthe winter months, with dips of much colder temperatures for days… that is cold.

so in london it is very nice really. and having lived through a few of these so called coldest winters for x years scaremongering, i am absolutely certain that it is fine and the cold is nothing to worry about. and i speak as someone who has not put on the heating since 2008 because there was no need. but of course life is full of different people who feels all kinds of different things, so there will be people who suffer from the cold. well, that is their lot, is all we who dont suffer from it can say to them. it is your lot in life. it might sound fatalistic but the alternative is to get angry about it and rage about it and make your life full of disastisfaction and unhappiness.

my own belief is that i can change the way i look at things, and if i feel the cold, i can change that attitude with the strength of my mind. that is my belief and because i believe that my mind can change to make me feel i am not cold.

i used to be very cold when i first came to london to live , it seems now so long ago. and now when i look at myself then, i think i was just so ignorant, i did not know how to keep warm, wearing very flimsy clothing.

no wonder i felt cold all the time. no one pulled me up and tell me dont be a little fool, wear this and that and the other. or maybe people did tell me but i was too stubborn or thing i know it all to listen to them. now when i see someone behaving like that , i realise that was me years ago. but do i tell them to wear something warm? no i dont. haha why?  because they wont pay a blind bit of notice haha. or  they will resent it, to be told what to do. either way it is not worth the hassle. 

each person have to learn their own way, some want to learn it the hard way, others not. 

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