BBC Sport – Jose Mourinho ashamed by Chelsea FA Cup loss to Bradford

24 Jan

BBC Sport – Jose Mourinho ashamed by Chelsea FA Cup loss to Bradford.

i am not a football fan but i think i can get an inkling of what it must feel like to be one when i read this.

football as played in the uk is unpredictable.

you would think it a foregone conclusion that all those big guns would get into the finals at least, but not at all.

that is why i think the FA cup is truly the embodiment of what football should be like. its very much true to life. unpredictable. mourinho should not feel ashamed, english football is precisely so likeable because of this. that david can triumph over goliath.

chelsea was fronting their reserves team, those who are not loaned out to other teams. (it seems chelsea has so many players on their books they lend them out to other teams, just to give them matchis practise and keep them playing, so this reserve consist of those not in demand for loaning out) wanting to give their first team a rest. but if u look  at it logically, that team never have a chance to play as a team regularly. you can lose skills that way. that is what u get for being too rich and have too many expensive players on your book.

it might be a blessing in disguise for chelsea. they now dont have to exhaust their 1st team players in the FA matches, as we can see now it is not always possible to run the reserve team. There  are many of these matches, you have to play away and home matches , and gruelling on players; now chelsea can concentrate  on the Euro cups.

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