London has the worst broadband in Britain, government statistics show | Technology | The Guardian

9 Feb

London has the worst broadband in Britain, government statistics show | Technology | The Guardian.

i learnt that i am in the central london borough, (westminster) that is seemingly deprived of fast broadband.

The Cities of London and Westminster, which is the constituency of Conservative MP Mark Fields, fared worst, with only 31% of premises having access to super-fast connections, defined as those with speeds above 24 megabits a second, as of August 2014. 

well, i dont mind, the speed i got now , even if it is below the 24megabits/sec is good enough for me. and good enough for simon too who watches films which he gets on the broadband and sees it on his laptop or when he wants to see it on the big tv screen we got, he connects it to the tv.

i really do not see the advantage of higher speeds. to me all it does is make the pop up adverts come on faster, before i can shut them down. at present they take a bit of time to download so i can see them coming and close them quick before they start and they invariably come on at full volume too. which in the odd occasion when i miss shutting them down , makes me start and in the library is hell of disturbing, wiht that burst of sound in a quiet library.  haha.  so to me, i dont really want such high speeds. esp if or when it comes you can bet they will ask me to pay more than what i am paying now. i dont want to pay more for something i dont want.

my area had been targetted by a company wanting to lay down cable and asking us if we want it and to register our interest. i get this letter sent to me about every year interval. they said if enough of us want it, then they will lay down the cable.  i did not bother to do so, as i dont want it, it costs like £30 a month , for lightning fast broadband or so they said.

i have a feeling many are like me, we dont want it, that is why we still dont have megafast broadband. that excuse they gave about too few residents living in the area to warrant it, just means it is not too few residents, only that those of us living here are many, but we dont take up their offer. haha.

there are some things in life which a little is nice to have but that does not mean faster is better or more desireable.

so this article shows me why they are so expensive. the govt cannot subsidise it as it does in rural areas. haha. but frankly i dont mind. it is something i dont want.

4 Responses to “London has the worst broadband in Britain, government statistics show | Technology | The Guardian”

  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday February 10, 2015 at 12:02 am #

    Ha ha…in an article yesterday in our papers in little red dot, we came out tops in speed. Interesting our papers have the same news as UK at the same time. Or at least I have been noticing…

  2. alifesgayventure Tuesday February 10, 2015 at 7:12 am #

    give examples, why fast is good? i am yet to be convinced. but maybe if u were to give me some good examples of how a fast speed will vastly improve my experience of it, i might be persuaded. haha. as it is , what i dont have , i dont miss since the so called low speeds i am getting now seem quite good enough to me. but then, maybe once i experience such high speeds i might get disatisfied by slower speeds. who knows. haha. maybe it is only playing games, or watching films that makes the fast speeds enjoyable. any other activity on the net wont be that much affected.

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