London Tube strike: Row flares up on live radio as RMT boss launches bizarre rant at interviewer Nick Ferrari – Transport – News – London Evening Standard

11 Feb

London Tube strike: Row flares up on live radio as RMT boss launches bizarre rant at interviewer Nick Ferrari – Transport – News – London Evening Standard.

quite extraordinary behaviour by the spokesman for RMT, the very strong train drivers union, that is holding london to ransom by saying they are going on strike to support a fellow train driver who has failed his breath test for alcohol twice.

for a union that had called and done strikes citing their concern for health and safety, this is really taking the mickey.

and what a strange interview session. why did he suddenly ask the interviewer whether he had stopped beating his wife???

and from the comments, it seemed this RMT guy actually had beaten his expartner. sounds like a freudian slip on his part.

this is what we will get if the bus drivers get their way of uniting all the buses into one pay bargain for all.

i got an email frm tfl, saying they have called of the bus strike for 13th and 16th feb. pending further negotiations asking the separate companies to hold separate talks so that it does not breach the competition rules.

“We’ve postponed the two days of strike action in an act of goodwill and we are not asking them to break competition law by meeting us collectively.

i wonder if having a uniform rate of pay is breaching the competition rules. anyone can answer that? if it is yes, than maybe that is the way to stop all this.

but what i think they are planning is to call a strike later with the RMT, that way between them, they will really get london by the balls.

it really is time to bring in a law that says any strike ballot must have at least 50% of the total membership voting.

added. all this talk of false positives alcohol tests, because they guy has diabetes makes me wonder how really safe are we having a driver who has a medical condition. what if he had a diabetic hypoglycaemic fainting? is it safe to have people with such medical conditions continue to drive a train? maybe it is not important, otherwise we will have a lot more accidents with trains, and buses and cars . though only recently there was a man suffered a heart attack(he survived that attack) and killed a number of people when he lost control of his truck.

i suppose it is not realistic to tell everyone with a heart condition or with diabetes to stop work. but it does make u wonder how safe it really is when u sit on a train or a bus, or a plane for that matter driven by a person who just might have a heart attack or diabetes faint.

even healthy people can have heart attacks, just look at those so fit young men on the soccer field keeling over and dying.

maybe life is a matter of chance. or what i would term, the soul wanting it. if your soul wants it u will die, or live.

added. 10.49pm. i had another look at the comments and a most recent one said something to this effect… that when one is asked to make a yes or no answer, one will use this question… have you stopped beating your wife as a rebuttal to show you that it is not possible to give a yes or no answer… though i could answer ‘since i never beat my wife, the question is irrelevant.’ or ‘since i am gay, and have no wife, the answer is meaningless’. haha. but it does show very nicely why there is no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to that, because either answer suggests that u have beaten your wife. it is what we would call a loaded question.

and of course, the question asked , did he fail his alcohol test, is a leading question, as obviously he has.

i bet the RMT is wishing their original head honcho, was still alive to deal with this. but he died of a heart attack when he was on holiday. that is why this assistant general secretary is taking his place and making a right hash of it.

the question might be a rhetorical one and may be a commonly used rebuttal but when the person himself has beaten his partner in the past, it does lend a further dimension to the whole thing. dont u think?

added. i just have a thought, why this big fuss over this particular guy being sacked for going over the limit? plenty of others have been sacked for this in the past, and no fuss made by the union, so why now and why this guy? i bet this guy is a big gun in the RMT union.

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