Islington scraps pork from menus in all primary schools – London – News – London Evening Standard

12 Feb

Islington scraps pork from menus in all primary schools – London – News – London Evening Standard.

i am surprised that a lot more schools dont do it allready. what with two major religions, banning it, it is inevitable that pork is going to be kicked out.

look at airlines, they have long ago removed pork from the flight meals.

so it looks like no more pork sausages for the kids, because that is where all the pork gets in any school meal.

u would not expect school meals to be pork chops do you??? haha. for one thing, those kids dont have adult dentition to handle pork chops.

have you wondered why beef is not taboo too#? the hindus wont eat it, so how come they are still serving it? i suppose the hindus are not so fanatical about others eating it. unlike the other two religions, who do make a fuss.

religion!!! they are the cause of  the majority of strife in this world.

though i think we humans do like fighting each other, so if there is no religion, i am sure we shall invent something else like it just so we can find an excuse to go make war and kill each other.

that is why i dont mind if we humans go extinct. haha. it seems to someone observing us from space, we are a bloodthirsty lot, and it is only with great effort and many laws that try to control us from slaughtering each other.

though a lot of hindus are now thinking they are too lenient about it and allowing other religions, notably the muslims, and to a lesser extent the christians muscling in and stealing their followers.

so many hindus in india are joining  political parties that try to be strict about hindus observations. many are realising that they must get more demanding  about insisting others follow  their requirements too and start making a fuss about it. they figured if u dont make a fuss, u will be stamped on and liberties taken with your religion.

what is to bet somewhere , maybe in uk perhaps, there will come a time when a hindu will object to selling beef. haha. after all, a muslim can do so and be catered to.

and one day a vegetarian will be exempt from selling meat.

this report shows that it is banned only in primary schools, not in secondary schools, because they say young kids cannot tell what has pork in it and so the teachers have to monitor them to ensure they keep to their tradition, and that supervision is costly.

it make me realise that really there is no need for airlines to ban pork, because those who cannot eat it, can chose not to order it. but i guess those people may object to having it on the menu. people with religion can be hell of a fusspots. i know in malaysia, some muslims object to sharing the food halls with other hawkers selling pork, they say they dont like sharing the cutlery, but they might even say they dont like being in the same room as people who eat pork.  so that muslim food courts are entirely separated from the others.

i can imagine they wont want to be eating with others. that makes for a segregated community, and voluntary separation. not a good thing in my opinion, but that is religion for you. very divisive i find and no where is the tolerance.

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