good morning from london

3 Mar


such a beautiful morning outside.

i am looking out of my bedroom window, whilst sitting up in bed.

the window is large and lies low to the floor. and i can see the blue sky with some clouds on it.

it is not sunny, usually the rising sun is reflected off the windows of the luxury flats across from me. it has white walls, and the penthouse is a  huge block of windows. i can see 6 rows of windows covering all the sides of it.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera

it is quite far away from my window, i have to use max zoom to get those pics.

oh, just realised it is still early. it is 7.25am and the fact it is not sunny is because the sun has not risen much yet. now i can see the rosy tint that the rising sun is making on the white walls.

it’s lovely to live in london and to be able to see the sky from my bed. don’t laugh, u must be thinking how mad is that, to be glad to see the sky. but if u live in large cities, u will know not everyone can see the sky from their bed. haha.

in new york for eg, u have to be very rich to be able to see the sky with all those high rise buildings blocking it. so u have to be rich and can afford a apartment high up to get that glimpse of the sky from your bed.

here in london, thank goodness things are not that dire as we dont have many high rise… though that might change in the future.

i have been eating a lot of salads recently. i dont know why, but i got a craving for it. and since aldi are selling salad veg , lettuce, beetroot very cheap at 39p each, i can indulge in it.

i use a hellman mayonnaise jar in the fridge. simon must have bought it, because usually if i get any at all i will buy the basic brand mayonaise. the hellman one is easier to spread, as for difference in taste, i have to admit it is nicer than the basic mayonnaise i would normally buy.

added 18.6.15 thursday, 6.02pm i have been using the tesco basic mayonnaise ever since writing the above, and i must say it is very nice indeed. it is more vinegarish than the hellman’s, which is sweeter. i like the vinegar as i like my mayonnaise more acidic. i think traditionally mayonnaise is vinegarish, but whatever it is, i like it vinegarish. the hellman’s is too sweet for me.

i think beetroot is just so delicious. and aldi is selling 500mg packs for 39p as part of their week’s 6 veg a day promotion.

wow, the sun is getting stronger and it is really bright reflected off those walls. 

added 4.3.15 wed. just read in the standard online about this hail storm at lunch time yesterday. funny really, because i live just by the tate britain, and never saw any of it.

quite possibly it did hail outside my flat, but often i dont know about it once i am in my flat. i dont often look out much when i am in my flat.

people moan about it but i find it really lovely, to get this kind of variety in the weather just 1 mile or so apart. 

One Response to “good morning from london”

  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday March 3, 2015 at 2:39 pm #

    Nice and thanks for showing me your city view from window! Good pictures☺

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