Indian state bans beef and brings in five-year jail terms for possession | World news | The Guardian

3 Mar

Indian state bans beef and brings in five-year jail terms for possession | World news | The Guardian.

mumbai is in this state where it is now a jailable offense to sell or possess beef. except buffalo. previously it was legal to sell and possess beef from bulls and bullocks. will there be a black market in beef now in maharastra state? i wonder.

i guess those who want to eat beef will have to leave the state or even the country. tourists will be the ones caught out by this, as who knows where the boundaries of that state are in the first place. imagine what will happen if u buy a beef takeaway at the border, and cross over into that state without realising and get arrested. haha.

it is aimed at the muslims it seems. they own the beef trade.  of course the muslims in muslim countries are no slouch either in banning stuff, like pork. so i guess they both deserve each other.

i wonder how macdonalds and burgerking can do business and thrive in india since their main business is beef burgers. the only meat they can put in their burgers now is chicken.

perhaps the burger business needs an entrepreneur to start a business using lamb/sheep and goat burgers. i spoke too soon. i should have known that there is allready a big industry doing the mutton trade.

not surprising mutton is expensive.  it seems only beef is cheap, considered a poor man’s meat.

there have been a report of people collecting all the old cows wandering the streets and slaughtering them. i guess that trade is going to stop or will it? maybe it will widen to include bulls and bullocks now. haha.

it will be interesting to see how people will behave to get round this new law. ban something and there will a market spring up to cater to it, as sure as eggs are eggs. haha.

what is this world coming to when u have people adopting extreme positions in food. like two unruly kids fighting over food that they dont even want to eat, but want to  prevent the other from getting it.

unless this is a plot by vegetarians to force people to give up meat altogether.

john my friend has been on holiday in goa for the whole month of february. he is expected back today. i bet he is craving beef. haha. first thing he do when he lands at heathrow is to buy himself a macdonald big mac or burgerking whopper. haha.

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