12 Mar

london thursday 2015

i woke feeling it is really very nice to have no appointments or commitments to fulfill. the day is mine to do as i wish. it is not that my other days are full of commitments, but somehow i forgot what a nice thing it is to be free and now and then it is nice to be able to realise it and be appreciative. it makes me realise anew what a nice life i have. 

last night as i was washing up, i felt a sudden stab of pain in my right eye. it came and went very quickly but it is not the first time i have this. i wonder what it is. and is it a forewarning of something more serious. have anyone experienced this and found out what it portends? well fortunately my eye is all right now. it is not something i want to bother my doctor about, esp as there is nothing to show for it.

ah well, it does remind me of how wonderful it is to be in good health. and if there is trouble in future, well, i shall worry about it if/when it comes. not much point worrying about it now is there?

every morning i check my electricity usage, it has become a routine i do just to monitor my usage of electricity. i recorded that i used 1.8kwh yesterday.

usually my average is 3.4kwh a day. but since i discovered the boiler switch was on and switched it off ,[from my notes i did it  on 6.11.14) the usage has dropped to 2.4kwh a day if simon is at home , and 1.8kwh a day if i am on my own.

before i switched it off, i rarely get a reading below 2kwh. after i switched it off, i start getting it and below quite often esp when i am on my own. the lowest was 1.5kwh. which i have never achieved before. (added. i happen to look again at the recordings, and noticed that once it went down to 1kwh, that must be a record!!)so the switching off must have some effect. you could say we have changed our ways or stop cooking so much. that might be true, but i have not done it consciously. 

the switch was connected to my bathroom boiler, one that has kaput years ago and which i did not bother to replace. it has been unused and i thought everything connected to it is off; but sometimes i noticed it makes a groaning noise which goes on for some time, but I thought nothing of it, until i noticed this switch being on. so that was what that groaning noise was about. something was being activated now and then. maybe the fan. 

it might be a coincidence, but my usage has dropped without me doing anything special. and i think it was because i switched it off.

anyway i am delighted at it because i have been trying to get my usage below 3.4kwh a day and not succeeded. and i thought that is the limit i can drop it to. i know 3.4kwh a day is very low usage but still, it is great to know that it can get even lower. haha.

i want to keep a very low carbon use profile if i can. that is just a posh way of saying i want to use as little electricity as i can. haha.  not because i have concerns about the world dying, but because i just dont like wasting anything. that is all, really.

i dont mind if others use things up and they dont care how much they use. i dont care what they use either. haha.

what i do is entirely for my own satisfaction and is not depandant on others. that way i dont feel angry at seeing a lot of waste going on. the world is what it is.

that is why i like and enjoy picking up rubber bands that are dropped by the postman. rubber bands are very useful. haha. but i noticed that if exposed to sunlight for enough time they disintegrate. and this even with the weak sunlight we get in london. i used to hang a bunch of them on a hook on my kitchen wall and it gets sun on it a lot. and once i took it down and the whole bunch just disintegrated in my hands. weird or what. huh?

added. wait, something just occurred to me… i think perhaps the disintegrating rubber bands may not be due to the sunlight. i stir fry and there is alot of oil hanging about … and settling on surfaces. so i think the oil settles on the rubber bands. hmm, that means i should keep my rubber bands in drawers  or envelopes. i get a lot of envelopes, because of those marketting people sending me stuff. 

2 Responses to “musings”

  1. MELewis Thursday March 12, 2015 at 10:53 am #

    I’ve had the odd pain like that but never lasting very long or repeating very often. If it persists you should definitely get it checked out by an eye doctor. Your vision is just too precious to take any chances!

  2. alifesgayventure Thursday March 12, 2015 at 11:05 am #

    what did your doctor say about your pain? what causes it?

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