TalkTalk offers 18 months’ free broadband with a £50 Love2shop deal

13 Mar

TalkTalk offers 18 months’ free broadband with a £50 Love2shop deal.

it is a good bargain… and u might even get a reduced rental if u offer to pay the whole year at once instead of monthly. u get a free router, which is a very powerful router. even without the £50 love2shop it is a good bargain. remember, it does not include calls, but if u got a mobile u can most probably get cheaper calls using your mobile than using the phone.

i am allready a subscriber, so this deal is not available to me, but because of discounts, i pay for a package that includes free broadband, free calls to local and national numbers and international numbers plus i get tv youview box for £14 a month. (this includes line rental, which i get a discount for because i pay yearly)   the broadband speed is good enough for me. no complains there.

but what it is really good i discovered when i got it, is the youview box given free to me ; it enables me to get high definition (HD) tv on my screen. for some reason before i got the youview box and in the past when i was using the freeview box it could not get HD. i use a aerial on the roof to get my channels, and it did not seem to be able to transmit HD. with the youview box, now i can see it on HD, and it is really quite a big difference in picture quality. so seeing films now is a great pleasure as well as seeing those nature programs.

on the whole i am quite satisfied with what i got.

(i am not paid for writing this in case people might think this is a advertisement for talk talk. haha)

update 15.8.15. my 12month essentials contract has expired. to continue would cost me more so i decided  just now changed my plan to a broadband only , it is 18month contract £5 a month. no discounts unfortunately.


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