All Thoughts Work™ Outdoors | Hiking the beautiful American Pacific Northwest wilderness 2011-13

17 Mar

All Thoughts Work™ Outdoors | Hiking the beautiful American Pacific Northwest wilderness 2011-13.

i found this blog via her comment on garfieldhug.

this is a lovely account of a hike , to a remote spot and makes u feel like you are there, but thankfully without the mosquitos. haha.  it reminds me that a lot of these wilderness is plagued with mosquitos or midges or biting insects. do u know why those reindeers are always on the move? heading towards the winds, it is to escape the biting insects that plague the area in summer. and this is the scenario everywhere. the tundra is a mass of biting insects in summer. i wonder why no one have advocated culling them. people want to cull grey squirrels, and lots of other animals to balance the ecology, so no one animal dominates, except us humans of course. haha. so why not kill the biting midges, mosquitos etc?? when u see the poor animals twitching and shuddering trying to avoid being bitten,(unlike the camera man, who is slapping and cursing too haha) u must admit it makes sense.

added. those insects are blood suckers too. #shudder# those insects dont bite you just for fun, you know. have you wondered why animals dont do things for fun? except dogs, but dogs are honorary humans anyway. haha.

i can only think that it is cost that stops the cull of these blood suckers. no profit in it haha.

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