iphone offers

17 Mar
london tuesday 2015

oh look, when i click to open the wordpress to post this, i see they have gone back to the old format. with the post box right under the title box. that is nice, isn’t it. haha. i was exchanging emails with my friend ian, who tells me he loves his iphone5, which he paid £475 for , and using a pay as you go sim card spending about £5-6 a month. he says he uses it all the time now, even for watching tv, and has stopped using his home computer.

as usual when u talk of something, the next day u see adverts of it all over the papers.

like today, i am at the library and see vodafone offering £34.50 a month , no upfront cost, unlimited minutes, ulimited texts, 1GB UK data. plus 3months of unlimited UK data, for 24month plan.iphone5S.

and 02 , £50 upfront cost, £28 a month, (£15 for the phone, £13 for the airtime) effectively paying £410 for the iphone5s. 0%interest) 24month contract.

makes me who is not interested in these things, tempted to do it even. haha. dont worry, i have not lost my mind yet. hehe.

when u consider u can pay that much for a gym membership (about £200 a year), it is appealing, no?

and u use the iphone all the time too, unlike the gym.

this made me laugh. in this weeks timeout which i picked up on the street, i saw this on their ‘word on the street’- the most ridiculous things we’ve overheard in london this week.

one of the entries was this ‘Sometimes I add the “sent from my iphone” just to seem super-casual’.

ian’s emails to me all have that at the bottom. in his case it is for real, but i can see how someone can do that just to make believe or let people believe they got a iphone. haha.

added. i just got a reply from him when i told him that joke above. and he said 


I put that note in case people think it’s badly formatted or something. When I send emails from my desktop I take a bit more care. But I’m also boasting Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

[ Sent from ian’s iPhone :-]

That just cracks me up haha. i thought it was the iphone automatically doing it, but it is him. it cracks me up. these iphone users all just want to boast that they got one. haha.

added. i got another email from ian… and to my query whether he finds watching tv on the iphone, screen is too small. he wrote 

If you hold your phone close to your face, it’s like a large screen on the wall, but you can stay in bed!

this just cracks me up. hahahah.

added. here is his answer

No it does do that automatically but you can edit it – which I did – or disable it. So it is still a choice.

so the phone does send it automatically unless disabled. 

added. here is an insight into what makes the iphone so attractive.

he said 

I thought “I don’t use my phone much so why get a smartphone?” and the answer is that it is so much more than a phone, and all the little things you get wouldn’t justify it by themselves but together they do! Like we are going on holiday and I’ll be writing, reading and taking pictures with it. Joy! I’ll be listening to podcasts and watching downloaded films on iPlayer. It’s my world!!

and you would have thought it would be difficult typing in the iphone, but he said 

I type with one thumb. It’s easy on the small screen keyboard. It has brilliant auto-correct functions. I find it less trouble to lie in bed typing great long pieces than sitting up at my desk. But I am very much a bed person.

it gives me an inkling of why people get hooked on the iphone and the apple products, they get a lot of joy out of it.

before u get too carried away a smartphone like huawei is £70. i am still waiting for a £25 one. when will it come i wonder.

4 Responses to “iphone offers”

  1. Sarah M Wednesday March 18, 2015 at 7:13 am #

    Ah the beauty of Apple products is that you never think you need/want them, but as soon as you get them you wonder how you managed to live your life before they came along.

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday March 18, 2015 at 8:53 am #

      have you also been seduced by apple too? haha. it sounds dangerous to the pocket to even try an apple product.

      • Sarah M Wednesday March 18, 2015 at 9:22 am #

        Yeah started out with an old ipod and now have just bought a Mac, so am completely Apple covered now. The trouble is all the products go togethrt so easiest to stick with the one brand. I sometimes wonderr how i lived before i could download an app for everything 😄

  2. alifesgayventure Wednesday March 18, 2015 at 9:24 am #

    hey, how come u have not got an iphone? sounds like the rage now.

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