life in london

19 Mar

london thursday 2015 12.42pm

i have just been to the library, and even had cake, free samplings of their brownies, in this shop in goodge st that sells only cakes. they have a baking class too.

imagine a shop just selling cakes. and it is not even a place where u can sit and eat it with tea . i marvel at the ideas people have to set up a business. like that shop selling only porridge. or cereals.

Anyway, here i am sitting in this 88 bus as it meanders its slow way through the westend on my way home.

today the papers are full of the budget. quite a nice one too, with personal allowances of £10,800 a year, and £11,000 next year.

£900 a month u can earn and not have to pay tax on it. and this is not to mention that £350 a month extra if u let out a room, which is free of tax too. so £1250 a month. that to me is quite a lot of money to live on , esp if u dont have to pay rent and have a mortgage free flat.

granted maybe i live in a bubble haha. as there cannot be that many people with mortgage free flats in london.

seems there is smog in london now. and it is true that i all this time i have been walking in a very grey environment.

they say the smog comes over from europe. so how come we dont hear of them being slapped with a fine, like london has been. huh??? and it is a fairly cold day, so that suggests we have a east wind blowing, so how is that europe air coming to us, seeing it needs a south wind to come to us. ha!!

another reason to grouse about europe , for all those europe sceptics out there. haha.

one chap did say dont be so eager to leave the EU, it would make all those brits living and working there becoming immediately illegal immigrants. which i suspect would happen to greeks if greece left, or got kicked out of  the EU.

oh hey, i just saw something outside the bus window. a black man stood in front of the bus next to ours, and stopped the bus from going, just because he wants to board it. but it is not a bus stop. and then another man came and knock on the door but he left when the bus man ignored him and not did what that black man did.

what is the matter with people these days? surely they know a bus can open the doors only at bus stops. and anyway there will always be another bus soon. that is the trouble when ignorant people come to a city and act selfishly. or act as if they are from still in their little village out in the sticks where a bus comes every 2hrs, stops anywhere when u flag it, and missing one will mean a long wait.

Added. that bus was the 12, and it has a different bus stop to the 88, so that might explain it. the guy did not realise that its stop is further down the road. but it was very arrogant of him to stand in front of the bus, and maybe trying to take a picture of the driver with his smartphone while he was doing so. he might be thinking he is in the right, and taking evidence. foolish man.

sometimes i do think hell is other people.

this reminds me of a similar incident which happened yesterday. that time it involved a megabus, a bus company that carries people intercity for quite cheap fares. £1 if u are lucky; and a young lady wearing a cycling helmet. at first i thought the bus had clipped her bike and she was angry. i saw her talking to the driver as the bus was waiting at a traffic light. and there were 3-4 community police officers with her. there was a wooden board in front of the bus, dont know how it got there. after talking to the bus driver and to the community officers, she just sat on the board in front of the bus preventing it from moving.

my bus came so i did not know the outcome of it but it all seems so silly really. i asked a guy nearby what it was all about and he said he did not know and when i said ah well at least the police are there, he said they cant do anything as they are community officers, and he was right. community officers have limited powers.

One Response to “life in london”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Thursday March 19, 2015 at 7:29 pm #

    sometimes i do think hell is other people.

    I definitely think you are on to something here.

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