First FGM prosecution: how the case came to court | Society | The Guardian

27 Mar

First FGM prosecution: how the case came to court | Society | The Guardian.

there is a petition( link) asking for the director of public prosecution, alison saunders to resign for bringing this case. i agree with it and signed it. but i think it wont get a lot of signatures. haha.

he made a mistake with a wrong stitch. if he had used another type of stitch it seems he would be ok. now you cant just be a surgeon and concentrate on the surgical skills, but politics are getting in the way.

the FGM (female genital multilation)law has been a knee jerk reaction to all the cases of fgm and the revulsions it produces in people in the west .

it seems to be so common in somalia that it might be a cultural thing. like circumcision for males in the west. it is hard for us to understand why people would do this to girls, but then , another culture might also think it strange that the west do those things to boys too.

the fgm law is badly constructed. reinfubilation should be removed from that law. it makes it illegal to stitch a vagina that has been mutilated before. as it is the law is infringing on the question of cosmetic surgery on the vagina. it is making that illegal. 

i wonder if we in the west is missing something. so many girls being mutilated like this with the consent of the parents, suggest that it is a age old practise, like foot binding, that may be related to making a girl desirable. i wish we could ask the parents who condone it to tell us frankly and without prejudice why they allow it and propagate that practise from generations down.

 added. 7.4.15 i asked this question and i got an answer in this article ‘why some women chose to be circumcised’.


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