EE set to give free power bars to all customers

4 Apr

EE set to give free power bars to all customers 

this sounds like a good marketting ploy.

i was at the fulham arcade and saw their shop with the poster for this offer in the window. at the time i did not realise what exactly it was. but this article shows me what i missed. haha. that poster never mentioned u can just exchange your empty one for a fully charged on at any EE shop. so the offer must be recent.

the gadget is like a portable rechargeable battery.

the strong attraction , to me anyway, (not that i got a EE subscription , or even a smartphone for that matter haha), is that u can just go into a EE shop and exchange your empty gadget for one fully charged up. this is really great because it seems it takes 4hrs to charge one up and just think of the electricity and money u need to use if u charge it on your own supply. why it takes so long to charge up is a mystery. cant they invent something that is quick to recharge?

i guess for anyone thinking of getting a monthly plan, this giveaway might tip people to take up a EE plan. would you? or is EE plans more expensive than the others.

here is an article saying PAYG (pay as u go) is much cheaper in the long run. but it means paying for a smartphone upfront. 

this one in the same article shows how to find good mobile plans.

the cheapest smartphone i could find so far is this. samsung , it costs £40. i am still looking for a £25 smartphone. haha.

3G, the mobile network, their PAYG for smartphones charge 3p/min for calls and 2p per text … that is even cheaper than what i am on now, 8p/min and 4p per text. but i make so few calls, it is not worth it to buy a smartphone for £40 just for that cheaper tariff.

may have to go to india to get a $25 mozilla smartphone. it uses firefox os will it  work in uk? the US says it might contain spy ware , it is made by a chinese company. it has very few apps, for eg no whatsapp, which is what i want if i get a smartphone.




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