old newspapers

7 Apr

london tuesday 11am 2015

i am at the library and catching up on all the newspapers from friday, and over the weekend, because the libraries are closed over that period. but funny how i find old news is not interesting. haha.

so much of it too, with all the newspapers having 5editions…i just could not be bothered to dig them out of the old remaindered boxes to read them… so i just read today’s times, and telegraph and that is it.

not very interesting news too. i guess the weekend is a slow one for news. or the news staff are on holiday and only a skeleton crew left to man it.

but when u consider we can all access the daily news (which is what i did over the holiday period) as and when it happens immediately online at the respective newspapers websites, it does make printed newspapers rather a quaint way to get up to the minute news nowadays.

in the past, the papers would make quite a deep analysis, of what is going on, so it was worth it to buy them and get that…but that is no more. i think they dare not have strong opinions as that would rile up their readers. also nowadays every tom,dick and harry can stick in their two cents worth… so much so that i sometimes just dont read the comments section anymore… 

on a happier note, i phoned in my electricity reading today. i take it every 3months so they can update and send me the bill. i used 80units less, than any time since i started recording my usage. about 226kwh for 3months. i think i attribute it to switching off the switch that connects to my defunct gas boiler in the bathroom. from the result, that switch being on  have used 1kwh a day. i shall wait for the invoice to get the details and post it here when i get it. 

my chromebook is fully charged now so i am going outside, where i can get a signal for my mobile phone and wait for a friend to contact me to meet up. he comes from slough to meet a friend, and ask to meetup after his business with his friend is over. i want to go to chinatown anyway to buy some more malaysian curry powder , the same one i used to make a chicken curry for him which he likes v much. 

added. 9.17pm that malaysian curry powder is now £1.45 for 250mg. gone up by 10p since i bought it last time about 9months ago.

i got this financial app in my chrome book that tells me of these things. i am rather surprised that it lasted so long.

i like curry and i did not think i have been neglecting to cook that dish. so amazing that pack lasted so long. but it just goes to show it is very economical to use curry powder instead of the sauce which the supermarkets are selling more of these days. u hardly find curry powder being sold now… it is all bottles or packs of sauce. you are just buying water used to dissolve the curry powder. and one pack is good for one dish only.

my friend liked the curry so much he ask me to show him where i bought it, and he bought one, saying he will be using curry powder from now on… he had been using curry sauce before.

while waiting for him , i was in leicester square, and saw the square is occupied by a temporary building housing the cinderella exhibition. long queue to get in.

there was a small annex housing the shop. no queue there so i went in.

 so many expensive stuff in there… amazing any child wants it, or any parent wanting to buy it. 

there was a glass slipper made of crystal, costing about £1700 . who wants to buy it i wonder? it was smaller than shoe size too and i mentioned that to the woman sales person standing next to it.

it was so expensive, they put a woman sales person right next to it, to watch over it. haha. she said it was heavy. and told me a crystal figurine of cinderella was heavy too and she allowed me to hold it. ya, very heavy. haha. it would make a good paper weight hehe.

i saw some blue  dresses , made for children, on sale.

 that make me recall a lot of the children who were at the free screening of the film  frozen which i saw a few days ago, were wearing this dress. so that was where it came from.

the kids are using it to wear to see frozen, even though frozen is not cinderella, though come to think of it, i myself kind of confused the two and felt they are similar. very clever marketting to make the two interchangeable.

come to think of it, i think those dresses were made for the film frozen and these cinderella marketting agents just took the idea and extend it to this cinderella shop. the dresses look nothing like the puff up dress that i see cinderella wear in the poster.

not many stuff for boys… wonder why? this cinderella is a very girly film.


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