The Trouble With Unpublishing the News — The Atlantic

11 Apr

The Trouble With Unpublishing the News — The Atlantic.

an interesting example of how censoring something can bring it more attention.

this one says buzzfeed unpublished a piece they did about the dove campaign to change women’s perception of themselves by asking them to choose which doors , marked beautiful, and average to go into. many at first chose average, but as the campaign went on, more and more chosed beautiful. the campaign was successful in changing their views of themselves. beautiful is a good word, in that it is not only the physical appearance but how a person is in their thoughts, deeds, words, etc. the whole person.

the buzzfeed article was a bit critical of dove , saying what is this soap company thinks it is, telling us how to think, but really when i saw the full video and how it affected the women’s perception of themselves and changed it, i think that campaign did some good. don’t you think?

in the end, buzzfeed reinstated the article.

i think it was removed because the writer was being critical, at telling people this is how u should think of the campaign too, and this would seem to contradict the buzzfeed principle of not tellng people what to think, but it should do it by having another article by another person praising dove’s campaign, in other words try to be even handed in publishing opposing opinions. unpublishing the article is not the way. maybe put in a editor note stating this is the opinion of the writer and not necessarily represents the managements views. in fact put this note prominently somewhere to show people always bear in mind, in any opinion piece, it is a personal view by the writers.

very few publishers of news do this. maybe because people who agree are not newsworthy. it is the critical, carping, views that get the readers. anyone who agrees and is agreeable seem to be labelled stodges, or apologists, or arse lickers of paid by the companies;  and this applies to any views that is opposite to the most popular viewpoint.

it seems to be generally agreed that big companies are the devil, and dont believe them, even if u continue buying their products, they are making money out of us and are greedy. not realising that they make money because so many are buying their products, so they must be doing something right… and to those who still believe big companies are evil , that means u are saying those who buy the company’s products are stodges and/or been fooled… or stupid to buy them. 

check out the full video and see it to the end, for yourself. it is not what it first appears.

plenty of people might agree with the writer of the piece on buzzfeed, she say dove is selling whitening products and encouraging people to change their skin colour… but do please remember, we are a market economy, businesses are here to sell us things we want. so if no one wants those skin whitening products they would not exist.

no point criticising a business who caters to a need in the population.

u can criticise those who buy the product , this is a free world and u can voice your opinion, though most of us would accept that those who buy whitening products also have the right to their opinion.

added 10.39am, seems there is another article buzzfeed took off and reinstated. this one. about monopoly a critique of it. you could argue that buzzfeed got threatened by the company or felt that their income from advertisers will drop, if they write so many critical articles about big business. who knows, and that they only reinstated the articles because of the outcry… but who knows really. i would just take their word that it was an error of judgement to take the articles off on the good reason that those articles were telling people what to believe, and not let them decide. it is a criticism of all articles that show biased, for or against. u cant go round always putting a disclaimer at the bottom of every article saying make up your own minds , this is an opinion by the writer and may or may not be the managements as well. 

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