into the woods -movie

14 Apr

london tuesday 10.50am 2015

sitting in the cinema now in the westfield ,shepherds bush.  waiting for the movie to start. i am really surprised at this cheap £3.55 seat, for seniors, and they throw in a free coffee and biscuits too. is that being pampered or what!!! and free wifi too whilst u wait for the film to start. there were not many seeing the movie about 9 of us with 3 or 4 coming in late. 


the sound is surprisingly good, i could hear the words of the songs very clearly. that is a nice change from the usual, when the actors seem to mumble their words. i have seen the musical on stage a long time ago in london, and was not terribly impressed by the songs. the words are very good, very meaningful but there is no catchy tunes to them. i confess i dont remember much of the stage musical, and i could not make out the words then.

the film follows the common trend nowadays, to mish mash various fairy tales and make them interact and try to form a plot. i think it fails. but i think sondheim’s aim is to show there is no black and white, good or bad to the tales. unlike the traditional tales which has heroes that are good, and villains that are bad and no grey in between. ( until i recalled this musical began long ago, so the trend is following it, rather than the other way round)

as a child i like when things are spelt out plainly in the fairy tales. so this one with all the grey areas is aimed at adults. do adults really like all these grey areas?  i am an adult now and i still dont like it that things are so woozy. haha.

in real life, things are woozy. we escape into fairy tales because they are not real life. at least that is what i would do. no need to modernise it and make it relevant to now. but of course there is no point in retelling the tale if u dont add something to it to make it fresh. 

it went on too long i think and should have ended with the’and they lived happily ever after’. but it did not and we have to sit through another seemingly interminable time of cinematic pyrotechnics just to show off the very clever filmatics they can get up to.

its a nice change for me to get out and see a film. something i dont do much of and from this, i think i know why. haha.  

added 2.38pm shepherds bush library. quite a modern one, built as part of the condition for Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamerapermission to revamp the area when they built the westfield complex. the plugs are on the floor, sunken in square pits. lots of students here and the tables are fully occupied but there is space for me. looking out of the big glass windows here, i can see it is very sunny and bright a good day to be out and about. the library has its own wifi but u have to be a member to get on it, and it is a different borough to me, so i dont have a library membership number. however, the westfield free wifi seems to penetrate to this place so i am using that. 

added 16.4.15 10.30am, it took me this long to realise there is something strange about the wifi in that shepherd bush library. i am at my library and using the wifi, and here we just have to log on to wcc-guest and it just ask us to put in our email and phone number and that is it, we get a daily password to get online. so what is the shepherd bush library asking us for the library membership number?? that is only needed if we use their computers, like in this library here. i wonder if the council is labour. haha. they do things in a very silly way sometimes. haha. i will have egg in my face if they turn out to be conservative council, but somehow i am confident it wont be.

added 19.4.15 7.30pm home, sure enough i checked and it is a majority labour council as of now. but their majority is slim, 26 to 20. the borough straddles hammersmith and fulham. i bet the 20 conservatives come from fulham. haha. 

here is a better review of this movie . he adds his personal experiences which makes it very different and more enjoyable to me, than the usual reviewers.


3 Responses to “into the woods -movie”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 12:08 pm #

    Glad you had a good experien e and thanks for showing photos! I remember Sheperd’s Bush once upon a time. Have not been to UK London in a while. Am sure things and buildings have changed with development.

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 3:57 pm #

      london is changing a lot, now we see huge gaping holes where whole blocks of buildings used to be, with new buildings coming up in its place. but nothing like singapore where whole neighbourhoods can disappear. haha.

      • Garfield Hug Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 3:58 pm #

        Agree!! In my little red dot a whole neighborhood can transform rather quickly 😊

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