smart meters

14 Apr

london written monday 13.4.15 but scheduled to post 14.4.15 8am. 2015

i heard about smart meters, and thought it was compulsory for us to have them.

i dont really want them because i think they dont really make us find out how to be economical.

i am allready monitoring my usage by taking readings daily, i dont need these electronic things to tell me.

i think the companies like it because they can read my meter without sending a person to physically visit me, gain access to my flat, and read the meter. that would save them hell of alot of money.

also i think having a smart meter means they can introduce different tariffs for different times of the day, or according to peak times… not something i care about or wish it. anyway what made me think of about them was a missed call i got from my phone.

it tells me someone called me and their number is 0194614100 and when i googled it hoping to find out which part of the uk it came from so i can find out which of my friends called me…

(though it is really only out of curiosity that i dial my phone to ask it who called; since my policy with people who dont leave me a message is to assume it is not urgent. haha. i never call them back.

i dont believe in calling these numbers which my phone tells me i get from missed calls. this is because i can just imagine the kind of conversation that i will be getting. with me asking ‘did u call me?’ more often than not the other person miss-dialed my number and then u get this ridiculous conversation when they ask in a suspicious voice  ‘who are u, why are u calling me?

and then i would reply ‘ ‘but u called me first, and i am asking why did u call me’.

‘i never did’… and so on. that is the kind of conversation i imagine i will get into if ever i call them back). 

From google, i discovered that that number belongs to a company trying to install smart meters. lucky i googled it, because i now know that it is not compulsory nor is it required by the law that we have to install smart meters.

now i know it is not compulsory i shall definitely not agree to it if they call me again. 


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