electricity bill 7jan2015-7april 2015.

15 Apr

london written 14.4.15 7pm posted on scheduled post 15.4.15 7am.

this is the official invoice of my reading which i phoned to them a few days ago. 

npower makes it very easy to analyse the bill.

kwh used over 91 days = 229

cost @15.88p per kwh = £36.37

vat@5% = £1.82

total £38.19 for 3 winter months.

average of  2.51 kwh per day

average of 0.42p per day.

compared to the last quarter (what i call the autumn quarter, this being the winter quarter) it is a drastic drop in usage. 3.3kwh per day to 2.51kwh a day. and .42p from .55p a day. especially considering that winter months we tend to use more electricity.

all of it i attribute to switching off that electric switch to the bathroom gas boiler that operates the fan that draws the gas poisonous fumes like carbon monoxide to the outside. i am glad i have got rid of my gas meter. the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning is all too real if u dont have good ventilation.

 to think it has been using all that electricity since 2008 since i stopped using that boiler. i wonder whether if i had a smart meter it would have discovered it sooner. who knows. right?

in fact i suspect there was a leak of electricity, i even fancied that someone has tapped into my electricity supply and siphoned it off… that was a rather fanciful notion, but i was not wrong about the leak, that fan from that defunct gas boiler is the culprit.

today’s guardian article about electricity usage over a lifetime. does not seem to apply to me, my costs have actually decreased.

added. 7.21am. i have another look at the figures, and calculated the extra kwh i used because of that rogue fan, it’s 70.2kwh over 3months, £12 extra. £48 a year. it is equal to a quarter’s cost of electricity. that much!!

it just goes to show how expensive gas appliances are to operate, not only in terms of gas used, but in electricity as well to operate that fan. all in all, i would recommend people stop using gas in their household. switch to just one power source, electricity for all their appliances.


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