hot day today

15 Apr

london wednesday 4pm 2015.

its only 22C according to the online weather website for london, but it felt hotter when my friend and i were out and about this afternoon.

he wanted to eat at malaysia hall, so we went and had their rendang.

delicious, even after all this time that i have not been there. i thought standards might have slipped but it is still very authentic. both of us are malaysians so we did not feel out of place, especially when there were prominent signs right outside telling everyone this place is only for malaysians. haha. and any others must be accompanied by a malaysian.

we arrived at about 1pm, which turned out to be a good time, because the main crowd has dispersed and it was more calm and we could eat in relative spaciousness and quiet.

we set on the same table as two women, ( my friend said they were indians, after they had left. i thought they were malay at first). and we got chatting, as u do.

she is retired having worked for a long time in london, and have now moved to weybridge to be with her daughter. her children are all in uk, she said she visited malaysia in 2011, but the long journey and the heat are the two things that she cannot abide.

i had told her about the rendang and urged them to buy it next time, but now i think of it, it might be a boo boo, because they might be indian, and beef will be taboo. they were eating the fried mackerel.

ah well, nowadays it is real difficult not to step on people’s toes if they are particularly sensitive about such things. fortunately the two ladies never gave us any inkling that they were offended, and really why should they. no one should be offended. it was always like that in malaysia in the old days people just dont get offended at faux pas like this. we dont expect strangers to know of our customs and taboos. 

it is only nowadays when people expect strangers to know what the  customs and taboos of your religion or expect strangers to even know what religion you belong to without asking that people start getting offended at the slightest thing. 

not liking the heat in malaysia i can understand, because as we left the place and took the bus to oxford st, we felt it too, and yet this is really nothing compared to what it will be like in malaysia. and allready we are feeling uncomfortable, and very glad for the air conditioning in the bus. don’t get me wrong, i am not complaining. it is very pleasant this hot weather, but thank goodness it wont last long. as usual in life, a little bit is good but a lot of it is not always better. 

are we terribly pampered do u think? or are we getting old or are we  so acclimatised to the cold weather here that we cannot take even small heat like today. whatever, i will be glad when the temperature reverts to the normal tomorrow. haha. 

One Response to “hot day today”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday April 19, 2015 at 4:03 pm #

    22C? Hot? Ha ha you are indeed “acclamatised” as you have adapted to the cooler weather. If you are here now..sigh 34C…threatened by MET service to hit 35C as a new heat wave coming. You would melt as humidity is dreadful.😤 ugh!!

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