Video: Beginner’s Guide To An Art Fair | Londonist

21 Apr

Video: Beginner’s Guide To An Art Fair | Londonist.

this one talks about art fairs. it is not for big buyers only, people go there just to browse and it is to showcase art that u might not even know that u like, before u see it. sounds good doesn’t it? and u can get free tickets too. and then u can go to the gallery that sells what u like and browse there too.

not many know that anyone can walk into any of the commercial galleries in and around london just to see. there is a street in mayfair just full of them, next door to each other so u can just walk along door to door seeing a huge variety of art, that is really very good. and the art changes too. for an experience that money cannot buy, because it is free, haha. but also you dont know what can get shown so that there is the surprise element too.

this shows the big commercial ones, but there are lots of smaller galleries that show really quirky art, they are more interesting to me. they are not easy to find because unless you work or mix with people in the art world, u dont get to hear of it.

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