plans for this holiday weekend

2 May

london saturday 2015 8.17am

bank holiday weekend usually have people coming out and doing things.

but from the forecast it looks like heavy rain on sunday.  

i am afraid i chickened out of the blue bell walk on sunday that i had intended to go to. not much fun when it is raining. haha.

also it is a 7mile walk as opposed to shorter walks that i prefer. and it is in watford train station, which is only accessible by train. the tube goes to watford, but the station is not close to the watford train station. so it means changing to an overground service, and from the horror stories i hear, they are warning us of delays and disruptions from track repair work that will be going on all through the weekend.

i know it is all an excuse for my desire not to go. haha. the human mind is so inventive if it does not want to do it, and equally inventive in finding reasons to do it if it really wants to do it. we humans are famously good at it. but in the end, i dont want to do it, so that is that. hehee.

i sent off an email to my friend who has invited me along, to let him know, so he too need not feel obliged to go on the walk, if he does not want to. 

today, my chinese friend from slough will be coming into london and we are going to the malaysian kitchen do in southbank.

my friend says he wants to eat the malaysian foods, but secretly, i am not that keen. i know everyone who would go to these things will want to sample the foods that is the whole idea of these events, but to me i can cook those foods myself and also we can go to malaysia hall, where it is so much cheaper than any price set at the event.

those are commercial kitchens and so they will be priced to be profitable. but what i hope is that there is a chance to buy some malaysian foodstuff… i am thinking of that cheap fish balls i bought last time they held a similar event in trafalgar square… £5 for 1kg, when u consider fish balls in chinatown are sold £2 for 200mg…. so here is hoping that stall is there.

i had intended to wander there on my own but now that this friend called me last night to ask if he can come along, i guess it will mean i will be going.

sometimes if i plan on going to an event  alone, i tend to call it off if the weather, or for no reason at all other than i dont feel like it, is the least bit rainy on that day. haha.

i think this afternoon will be rainy, but ah well, i guess it is a good thing that it gets me out of the flat… i suppose.

the trouble is i find most events of this nature  usually turn out quite ordinary and only of interest if u are a tourist and have nothing better to do. oh well, looking on the bright side, maybe i shall get some pictures to post on my blog out of this. heehee.

i know i come across as very boring and grumbling. haha. i am not really. just being realistic that is all. hahah. i guess i would say that wouldn’t i?

but actually, joking aside, these events are held for  commercial reasons to publicise the businesses that are taking part. it brings people’s attention to the existence of these eating places, and they hope that by sampling their fare, people will go and eat at the restaurants or cafes in future. there is nothing wrong with it, of course. but to those of us living here for a long time, we tend to see through the hype and get to the reality of it.

of course we veterans of london , we too might find a real find of a restaurant there which we have not heard of.

certainly i would say it is a useful event for new restaurants that are opening up, just to get the word out. 

added. 3.44pm

some pics i took of the event.

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added. my friend bought the satay. 5sticks for £5. not as good as in malaysia, the sauce hasn’t got enough peanuts, and the meat has not got that barbecue smell and taste. he bought char kuey teuh, it was freshly cooked to order and that was nicer, very spicy because he asked for it, and there were 4 big prawns, which i ate as my friend says he does not like prawns. £5. my friend also bought lots of kueh, malaysian snacks to bring home.

also there was a stall selling icecream and my friend bought a small tub. £2 , with a scoop of durian and a scoop of pandan icecream, the durian one was very nice, full of flavour, the pandan the flavour is very mild. we bought some grocery stuff. i got 2packs of curry powder @£1.20 each. this is the brand that i used for making the chicken curry that john liked so much. even though my friend said he can get the adabi brand selling for £1.50 in this stall,  for 75p, in slough, but i like this brand. i dont know how they priced these things, maybe because the other pricier brand has curry leaves as one of the ingredients. ah well, i suppose if i know the psychology of why people buy this instead of that, i would be a rich man. haha.i could not explain why i bought it, instead of asking my friend to buy me that 75p one. maybe at the back of my mind, i felt my friend might be mistaken about the whole thing. i mean 75p for what is usually £1.50… seems too good to be true. i know i should not doubt my friend, but i know a lot of people are very careless when they say things or dont check things properly. i know, i should have asked him to buy it for me, that would settle the matter once and for all….  ah well, nevermind. i have now got  lots of curry powder to last me a year or two . haha.

or maybe i just got carried away by the stall, and all those malaysian stuff there and just wanted to buy something…who knows right? if we know all the tricks of the trade of buyer psychology and resist them, we will be superhuman. haha.


4 Responses to “plans for this holiday weekend”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday May 3, 2015 at 2:41 pm #

    Glad you went and took photos to share 😀 At least there is some similar foods ha ha…char kueh teow is also a favorite of Singaporeans 😉

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday May 3, 2015 at 5:44 pm #

    pho seems to be more of the rage here in london at the moment, rather than malaysian/singaporean/indonesian foods, amongst ethnic foods; whilst posh burgers/lobster for western style foods. they lend themselves to the street food style that is all the buzz at the moment.
    whilst all along edgeware road, as i travelled to the paddington library this morning i can see lebanese and middle eastern foods. that area is our ‘little arab’ and still so unlike chinatown which is slowly being reclaimed by other businesses.
    i find the foods are not fully authentic, partly due to costs, but also to cater to the western tastes. it is clever marketting i think to call it pho, when it is really basic chinese noodle shows how branding some common place dish with a catchy name is really a great marketting tool.
    this high ending of street food is growing. recently duck rice has been given a posh upgrade with opening of a expensive joint duck + rice.

  3. Sarah M Sunday May 3, 2015 at 6:55 pm #

    Yeah when I first came back to London I thought it was wonderful that there was all this free stuff to do. Afraid the novelty has worn off though. You;’re right and it is all just ways to sell us stuff, so I never bother much now.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday May 3, 2015 at 7:00 pm #

      i know that feeling. haha. it is a bit like the loss of innocence, and as with any loss of that nature, it can be rather wistful. it is growing up i suppose. haha. the next stage i went through is to occasionally allow the innocence to return and pretend, suspend disbelief and join in for that occasion only. but by its very nature, i dont do it too often, as in this occasion when my friend wanted to.

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