Rolf Harris | mra-uk

4 May

Rolf Harris | mra-uk.

i read that rolf harris’ daughter is petitioning  for him to be exonerated. for those of us who have not been interested in following his case, we would not have known of the evidence that brought his conviction. this article showed us the evidence, and reading it i myself find it hard that he was convicted on these evidence. he was tried very close to the aftermath of the jimmy savile case, that might explain why he was treated so harshly.

there is a movement called mgtow, (men going their own way), saying that the interaction between men and women have become so toxic , or the fear of it becoming toxic, has made many straight men feel they want to have nothing to do with women. (does that mean they have to resort  to paying them for sexual services , making it a purely commercial transaction?perhaps? or will we find more of them frequenting gay sex clubs to get their relief.)

it is hard times for straight men.

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