past times

5 May

london tuesday 2015 1.43pm

i was passing the recycling bins just now and it just struck me that i dont find anything to take anymore unlike in the past when i find such a lot of nice things.

i know the eastern europeans have cotton on to how lucrative the things are that people throw away here in uk, they can take and resell, so that there are not much things now that we can find anymore; but maybe another reason why things are scarce i  think may be due to people realising there are  men who make a business of it, they raid recycling bins and run off with the stuff.  and so people who live here are less willing to put out old stuff or get rid of stuff by just putting them out in the recycling area. in fact the authorities have resorted to putting a lock on each bin. 

there is a tv program called ‘wastemen’ tonight that seems to say as much… at least from the blurb written about it. i shall see it tonight and find out. added. 9.11pm i tried to see it but the first few tracks of it  was rather boring so i did not. haha. i know nowadays i have very short attention span. that is why i like if it was a written account rather than a film, it is quicker to read about it, and you can get the story immediately. unlike a film when it takes its own sweet time to tell the story. there is a lot of visuals so it is good for people who wants it spelt out in colour. 

i have this theory about it, that it is big business now , unlike the amateurish old ways when people just discard stuff they dont want. now people collect these things and sell it off ebay, or send it overseas for 2nd hand markets in gambia; to take just one example.

anyway it did occur to me as i passed the recycling bins just now; that i have not seen anything worth while to take for a long time now.

it is just as well that i have gone over that phase of my life when i would enjoy finding such things. i have everything i need now so collecting these cast offs is not so crucial.

now, i am more focused on finding things to do, and experiencing things that i would like to experience.

in the past, i would eat out, and buy fashionable clothes to wear, and see films, or plays, or ballet, or opera; or go to see art whether in the block buster art exhibitions, or just to the free public galleries to see their permanent collections. but i seem to have gone off them now. and i would travel too, both within and without the uk. but i have gone off them now. 

instead i take grocery shopping and finding food bargains now  as new pleasure experiences.  more so now when every where the supermarkets are vieing with each other to give reduced prices and special offers.

i am looking around to see what other experiences i can discover that are new and not known by others, so that they dont catch on and become more expensive. i used to frequent charity shops and bought some real bargains, but nowadays charity shops are expensive. see what i mean, when i say when everyone cotton on to it as great places to get things, it then becomes expensive for what it is.

i think pound shops, and 99p shops, are beginning to succomb to that trend too. they are becoming popular as people realise that they can be bargains, but now i see they are not such good bargains anymore. not everything is a bargain, u have to be savvy and search out the good buys.

another thing i am into is seeing films on tv. ever since we bought a hd tv, and big screen tv, i find watching films so much more enjoyable, and also with the youview box given to me by talk talk, i get to see lots more channels and on hd too. the hd really do make a big difference in viewing pleasure. so that is another thing i am into now that is new from my olden days. and of course, the internet and blogging and just surfing the net and reading the news online has become a big part of my life now too. recently saw ‘dredd’. i did not realise that it was a sequel to the first film ‘judge dredd’ starring sylvestor stallon, which i did not find that interesting. but this one is really good, much to my surprise. i am glad i did not connect that it is a sequel to the first film, otherwise i would not have bothered to see it. 

so i am keeping my eyes peeled for new avenues of fun to do. to discover them before others find out and before it  becomes expensive or too crowded and so not  interesting to do anymore.

though there are some things when it is better if more people get into it. gay things mainly and sexual things. haha.

2 Responses to “past times”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 11:03 am #

    Interesting observation on people taking items from recycle bins to sell. We have that same thing here. Remember the karang guni man or tag bone man…they raid to sell or residents prefer to take to sell to rag bone man than putting in recycle bins as it gets taken too. I am surprised this also exists in UK. Good read. Thanks

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 12:47 pm #

      i can remember a time in malaysia and singapore when people dont like buying second hand things, for fear they belong to people who had died. as usual, when there is this fear, it is based on long forgotten folk tales of memories when people died of plague. they died of some infection and their belongings may be infected. so now we have gone full cycle and start using dead people’s clothing or belongings. i remember when my father died, we got someone to come and had a clear out of his stuff. i think it can be very lucrative, because old people hide their money/jewelry inside old furniture in secret compartments and their children dont know about it, and give their things away or sell it to the rag bone man.

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