uk, business as usual

8 May

london 4.15pm friday 2015.

so the election is over, and the conservatives won, enough to form the govt without need for a coalition. that is what i wished for. i think this conservative govt have done rather well with the economy… i mean u just have to look to europe to see what a mess they have made of it, so i think they should be given another 5yrs.

the alternative is a labour coalition with the snp, with the snp tail wagging the dog and having a big say on affairs that concern england. i have a feeling that is what the english will not like,( i dont like it too) that is why there is this last minute surge to the conservatives and leading to an overall majority.

the daily mail earlier in the campaign did a strategic plan asking people to vote strategically if they want to prevent a labour win, and in england, i could see the lib dems will be the ones to suffer. so many areas where to vote to keep out labour, u have to shift your vote from lib dem to conservative. that is why the lib dems were decimated. to lose 50 MPs to end up with only 8 is devastating. and then when they say they will get into bed with the snp, i think that spells their death knell.

on another note, i went to the ‘A place in the sun’ exhibition at olympia with that free ticket they gave me. this time i thought i shall take the tube and use the special service they say they provide that runs from earls court to olympia. but it is bogus, there is no such service. instead they say they run a shuttle bus service to there, but there was no sign indicating any bus is coming … bad of them. there were quite a number of people waiting , all from out of town and confused like anything. i left them to wait for that shuttle and took the local bus instead. i think it would be better to take the tube to high st kensington and there take the number 9, or 10, to olympia. 

i am glad i did not have to pay for it as i think it is not worth it. haha. most of the people there were at the spain corner. i got my invite from the italian corner. they have a stall from a company selling villas in tuscany, which is way above most people’s budget. but also as i said to the lady minding the stall, the weather is too much like uk. haha.

there was a stall from a company selling villas in puglia, which is in the south so will be warmer, but they only sell villas, no apartments. i think for most of us looking for a holiday let, we are only interested in easy to maintain apartments.

i happen to browse their magazine, given to us as we enter. at the end of it i saw an article by their legal expert. entitled ‘Spanish purchase taxes with all the trappings’ and was aghast to read that the spanish council can ask u to pay backdated taxes based on the old price before the crash.

such a minefield that it puts me right off buying anywhere ever!!! (not that i am interested in buying anyway haha.

i think the best thing u can do is just pay for the holiday on a ad hoc basis… why bother to own the villa, just rent it for 2wks. also, if the referendum cause the uk to leave the EU, what will happen to those who bought property in europe?

one good thing with the conservative govt being reelected, the £ will keep being strong against the euro. (though there is still the promised referendum to stay in the EU or not that is promised us that might lead to a crash in the exchange rate, but that is in the future). 

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