Incredible Artworks Made Entirely From Plasticine | Londonist

10 May

Incredible Artworks Made Entirely From Plasticine | Londonist.

i get this website londonist notify me of events happening in london. i get sent them daily.

usually there are so many, that it is near impossible to go to all of them, so i am very selective.

today i got this about this artist, henry hudson, and from the pics in the page, he is incredible.

the pics are unusual, in that u can enlarge them and see the details. and they are really intricate details.

 it is worth looking at his drawings too. u can see how the drawings are very different from the final product.

it makes me want to see his latest work on show at sothebys. they are meant to be seen by potential buyers at the auction later. it ends on 29th may, but there is nothing to prevent ordinary people going there to see it, even if we cannot afford to buy it. to me just being able to see it is enough. i dont really want to possess these works of art.

it is the beauty of living in london, where we can see such art, at no cost and such a lot of different types of art too. such a lot of  really talented people around and we can see their works if we live in london.

added. 11.5.15 4.40pm monday 2015 i went there today to see the art work. the receptionist was very welcoming.  i really enjoyed it, we are completely allowed to wander around, without any restrictions, and we can get as close as we like to the art work, no glass separating us from it. i think it lovely for the authorities to let us do that. and no sign saying no photography allowed either. so i did take some photos but really u can see the works online on their website and it is far better viewing than from any photo i take.

there were 3 more art works that were not featured in the website. an extraordinary achievement i think and from the booklet explaining the art, about the different stages of a chinese man in his progression from coming to london to study medicine at kings college to changing course and becoming a artist instead and his subsequent downfall, i learnt that all the art work is sold, except for the last one which the artist kept for himself. it is the last one where he is in jail.

 i thought the price of the art is very reasonable, only £65,000 and might even be  really low, i would have thought it would cost at least £100,000 each. they are so big and intricate and must involve hours of work, as well as artistry. well worth going to see. it is very tempting to touch the work, as the texture and raised plasticine is very tactile. but i resisted that urge as it wont do to disturb the art that way. the artist had done superb work it would be a shame to mar it by touching it. i wonder how long plasticine can last… unlike paint it might get brittle with age. that would be a pity if the work deteriorates with age. 


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