short nap turn out to be a long sleep

12 May

london 3.32am tuesday 2015

i thought i will take a short nap at about 5pm (yesterday) and wokeup to find it is 1.30am the next day. amazing really. usually i wake after a 2hr nap.

i missed all the tv programs that i have circled to watch. though nowadays that is not really that bad anymore as we got online tv that allows us to see them later. that is one thing that has influenced our tv watching. no more recording of these things anymore. that makes the video, or dvd recordings obsolete.

its no wonder this report saying we watch tv online more these days. it also asks people what gadget they missed most. for the young it is mobile phones, for older it is tv. for me, it is my laptop.

well, it certainly was more useful than the tv at this time of night, or morning. nothing on tv, though of course i could see catch up tv, but didn’t feel like it. it is too passive. but the laptop and the internet is available 24hrs and it is more appealing because it is a more reactive medium.

i also caught this article about google making it easy to order food via their search engine. so if u are searching for restaurants, and u see one u like, there is a link that allows u to order food from them. google does it via the online takeaway websites that abound now. so far it is a service only available on google in usa. i dont order takeaway for delivery to my home. but it seems it is getting popular. it might be u can run a business without any premises, just have a kitchen and  just linking to these internet sites. but i would advise any takeaway place to get online and link themselves to these websites. in fact, reading of all this takeaway food made me hungry so i just warmed up some leftovers in my fridge and ate it. and it was just as delicious.

i know if i were in malaysia and waking up in the early morning i would most probably jump into the car and drive off to the all night mamak stall and have piping hot  food cooked fresh there, it is the way we are so used to in malaysia. we would never dream of cooking it ourselves, as there would be no food in the house at all. 

having said that ,living in london as i do,  i doubt i will take advantage of the takeaway services as i dont order take away food at all. it is so cheap to just cook more food than i need when i cook my meals, and make them into individual portions and freeze them to eat later, that it seems silly to order takeaway. but i know people dont live by being sensible . haha.

ah well, i think it is time to get back to sleep.

added 7.56am. i woke at 7.40am just now. it was 3.40am or so when i went back to sleep for a 2nd time. so i got a lot of sleep. at first i was surprised because i usually dont sleep that long, until i remembered the night before i slept at 2am and woke at about 6am. so i am only catching up on sleep now. that would explain it. it is just so nice that i am not working so i can just enjoy it ,sleep whenever i like, and wake whenever it happens;  instead of having to wake up to get to work.

i was seeing henry hudson at sothebys yesterday, his art using plasticine, a far cry from what i read  now about picasso’s les femmes d’algers version ‘0’, sold for a new world record $179million. £116million. bought for $32million in 1997. u can compare it with his version ‘H’. you could say the version ‘o’ seems the culmination of the series. i guess u can see why the rich buy these art. its value can only increase with time.

the beauty of google. haha. u can see here all the versions that picasso painted of that scene.  seen all at once, it gets repetitive. best to see them when they come up for auction at about 15yr intervals. haha. picasso is a past master at hiding and hinting at breasts and vulva in his art. so the viewer can get secret pleasure at finding these and pretend only they are the ones to see it. haha.

all this talk of money is very deceptive. for eg, this so called world record, is only the prices bought at auction. private sales are higher, paul gaugin for $300 million

When will you Marry? (Nafea faa ipoipo), Paul Gaugin, £197 million
In February this year Gaugin’s 1892 oil painting sold at the highest price ever for a work of art: $300 million, or £197 million. It was sold privately by major Swiss art collector Rudolf Staechelin to an unknown buyer.

 and since these prices are in $, the exchange rate with the £ means when u translate it to £, the figure can rise and fall all over the place.

added 2.04pm it seems christie’ is also selling picasso’ pottery. it shows off his artistry . this one i like very much.

picasso plate

added.12.57pm 13.5.15. it seems this potteries have been sold at auction as recent as march in sothebys, with prices around 1,800. (forgot if it is in $ or £). and now the buyer has turned it round by selling it online. clever. that plate when i last looked is $5000. 

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