Free mobile voice, text and data plans coming to UK – BBC News

13 May

Free mobile voice, text and data plans coming to UK – BBC News.

it’s a company from the usa called freedompop.

it’s funny why i seem to find these mobile news very interesting, when i dont even have a smartphone. this is a USA company coming to uk in july and offering free 200MB of data, 200mins free calls, and 200free text per month. they will make money they said from people going over the limit, and other add-on services.

at the moment, such deals cost about £10 a month usually.  200MB is not a lot of data and inevitably people will go over.

when i look at my usage on my chrome book i see i use about 1.3GB a day. there was a day when i used 4GB. i think it was that day simon downloaded huge amount of stuff from the iplayer.  that was the day when i noticed a sudden decrease in download speed. so they do limit the amount of download by manipulating the speed; even though they don’t mention it in their terms and conditions.

i get unlimited broadband downloads so it is only of academic interest to me, but u can see how someone on a 200MB data will incur huge extra costs if they use their smart phone to surf the net. but if they limit it to just downloading their emails, or finding the time of the bus,  i think they should be ok.

200 mins of calls and 200 text is a lot i think, so it is the talkative one who will go over that limit.

i think if it does come and the article says they are starting it in july,even i might be tempted  to get a smartphone. or maybe not, i think unless smartphones can be had for £20.


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